The “organise my life” challenge

So I’m trying to organise my life… It hasn’t worked in the past 34 years but I’m nothing if not optimistic.

I’ve had a tough last few weeks/months so I’ve decided to take charge and do a few things …. And I’m calling it the “organise my life” challenge because I’m fancy

Firstly what’s been wrong? Well my health has been bleugh (that’s not the medical term) but my iron has been so low that it was effecting my organs, seriously my liver toxicity levels were even high. So I’ve been on weekly injections. My osteoarthritis means pain so much pain, but I haven’t been looking after myself like I have should, in terms of exercise.

I just have not been up for it especially with losing a key client, some dead end job applications and my grandfather dying. It has just has been an exhausting year so far, but hey my diabetes is under control and using cannabis oil has made my anxiety much more manageable.

So with me feeling a bit better on this side of April I decided to organise my life with a few personal challenges…

Challenge 1

– wear a different outfit every day

I have a lot of clothes, like no space in my cupboard lots, but I basically wear the same five outfits all the time. So the plan is to challenge myself to wear a completely different outfit every day. This forces me to fit things on and decide what to keep and what to donate. I need to be better with my shoes and accessories as well.

Challenge 2

– exercise daily

I started the month back at the biokineticist. He has worked out a new routine which is pretty intense (well for me it is) but it will aid in rehabilitation of my muscles which is needed especially with my osteoarthritis

Challenge 3

– reflections on positivity

There is so much negative energy around us (so much, that it’s hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes) I want to share one thing I’m thankful for everyday to counter that negativity in my own life.

You can follow my progress in my instastory highlights under #Maychallenge

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