Is it time to bring out the box braids?

Braids have been part of my life for YEARS! How else would my mom tame the mane in my school going years? Later in life braids had become my holiday style, perfect for travel because unlike with the curls, I knew what I was getting every day.

Now with my hair shorter than it has been in at least ten years, I’m wondering if it’s time to bring back the braids.

This is a sponsored post but as always all opinions are mine.

So here is my pro and con list for box braids this winter.


– No need to wash and go in this cold (Also means I am using less water)

– Change up the look a little (There is something about a new hairstyle that even makes your clothes look new, you know what I’m saying)

– Easy to tie up for this mythical exercise routine I keep hinting at (I really want to be more active and since my short style is growing out, I don’t always know how to wear it)

– Protects hair from the elements (winter can be harsh on the curls)

– Skip a wash day or two (because #lazy)

– Because it’s cute!


– Who am I going to get to do them? (My mom used to do it for me for years, but she is not about that life right now)

– Some people pull so tight, do I want to risk that (I remember one year I took a student card picture with one eye higher than the other from too tight cornrows, I KID YOU NOT)

– Will I suffer hair loss, I have never braided my hair this short before and know that some people complain about hairloss

– Am I too old to rock the look? Have I become too mummsy for long locks?

– The time needed to get the braids installed! Where must I find the time even?

As you can see I have come to a tie! But the ease of the braids and how cute it is seems to be tipping the scales towards a yes. What do you think, to braid or not to braid. Also look at me as a young’en, below:

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