Toddler Safety Tips

It’s the middle of a cartoon movie which I’m only half watching. You reach out your hand to me and squeeze mine tight.

“This is a scaredy (scary) part Caleb, hold my mommy’s hand, she makes it better”.

And now I’m scared! What if I can’t make things better?

Another child was abducted yesterday, here in the metro (they found him later but that in itself is a miracle).

Kids are abducted, hurt, murdered and as much as I want to, I can’t keep an eye on you 27/7
Your giant eyes light up as we have our nightly chat… “What makes you happy Aidan?”

“Playdough and chippies mommy”, you say with a giggle in your voice. “You and daddy make me happy too, do I make you happy?”

My eyes well up with the sheer magnitude of this question. “You make me happier than you will ever know little one”.

Even when you’re being a brat or don’t listen, you make me so happy I could burst.

Losing  Aidan scares me so much, the thought punches me in the stomach like a 20ton boulder.  If anyone hurts my little boy I just might implode.
We live in a scary world. I’m acutely aware of this, even more so being married to a police officer.

Here are some of the ways I’m trying to teach Aidan about personal safety -I’ll add more when he gets older- but for now:

– I’ve taught him our names and our address (A boy was found wandering the streets a couple of months ago and he could not give the police any information, so I’m starting with the bare necessities)

– I ask him every night if anything scared him, made him uncomfortable or sad (mostly it’s not getting more sweets, but better safe than sorry)

– I insist that even if he is just going to gran (next door) ALWAYS tell mommy or daddy ALWAYS

– He does not have to hug or kiss anyone he doesn’t want to; His body, his choice

– If he gets lost in a shop he knows go to one of the cashiers or the security at the door and wait for me

The SAPS has a whole list of tips HERE do check it out, it could help keep your little treasure safe.

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