Tricks to getting glammed up – out of your handbag

I’m not sure why I thought of doing a glammed up post today. I sure am not looking super glam , but the thing is, if I had to I could. No I am not just being full of myself, this is a time tested “template” which I figured I’d share because, I’m a sharer like that.

First the back story. I live “out of town” by “out of town” I mean a good drive in and out to the office every day. So when I was a lifestyle reporter (and even now as a blogger) going home to get dressed up for a function would mean too much time and hassle (also petrol is expensive) , because of this I learnt to get glammed up in places like, mall bathrooms, the back seat of the car and even an abandoned office. What used to be a clumsy hope and prayer situation has been fine tuned and these are my tips.

Why would you need these tips? Because you never know when you need to be glammed up in a pinch, that’s why

  1. Shoes

The right shoe can dramatically change an outfit. Just ask Cinderella. But in all seriousness I always have a pair of flats and a pair of heels in the boot. This means if I suddenly want to hit the shops I can throw on some flats and if I have to go from office to a launch of some sort I can throw on some heels.

2. Outfit

If I know I have to do something after work I tend to wear something basic. You don’t want people to “remember” what you wore earlier. Hmmmm where have I seen you in this bright yellow dress before? oh ja the canteen. Stick to basic colours and silhouettes, they are easiest to glam up while looking totally different. A little black dress or black jump suit is perfect for this

3. Layering

Swapping out a cardi for a fancy jacket is one of the easiest ways to change your look. Exchanging a cardi for a nicely draped scarf is another way to make a statement without too much effort. (Also a scarf can fit into your handbag, making my headline true and not click-baity at all)

4. Hair

Going from having your hair up to having your hair down or vice versa makes a huge difference. If you have straight hair changing you part gives instant lift and a quick fresh look. With my fro I find a head wrap can give me an instant update to my look

5. Make-up

If you know you are going to be pressed for time, do your ground work at home. Be that your BB and CC cream or your primer, concealer and the whole nine yards. Then go for a neutral lippie and eyes in the day. That way all you have to do to update your look is a quick bathroom touch up and a more dramatic lipstick. A lick of sparkly eye shadow helps with this too.

6. Jewelry

Have a statement piece stashed somewhere. A striking necklace, earrings or bracelet can change a look in an instant

7. For the guys

Rob often has to attend these things with me but all he really needs is a dress shirt and shoes stashed in the boot for in case.

8. In conclusion

Always have a dramatic lipstick, a pretty jewelry piece and heels at your disposal and you can make any drab look fab. Unless you are in gym clothes to start off with, because then you are on your own

3 thoughts on “Tricks to getting glammed up – out of your handbag

  1. Amelia says:

    Great tips! I always have a basic make-up kit in my bag, earrings in my purse, and Banting chocolate in my cubbyhole! But, I obviously need to make a lot more effort. Shoes in your boot? Why didn’t I think of that?

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