My views on Woolworths cruelty free cosmetics

I often get given things to test out so I thought why not start a reviewing section on the blog…so welcome to my first Testing Tuesday 🙂 with cruelty free cosmetics.


I’m starting the series out with a confession!
Although I always insist that I am useless with cosmetics, I’m not a complete nube when it comes to makeup. Allow me to explain:

When I was at University my bestie and I signed up for this make-up correspondence course where they send you makeup every two weeks and teach you how to use it.
Over the years I used this skill and the cosmetics they sent me to do make-up for brides and matric fairwell girls who could not afford a professional.
This being said, I’ve always struggled with putting makeup on my own face.
I’ve made many other people look good (hey they didn’t wash their faces before hitting the isle or red carpet so that’s a win) but when I try with myself I’m a major klutz. THIS is what I mean when I say I am a cosmetics nube, I am finally learning to put makeup on myself.
So do bear with me , things have gotten much more difficult in the last few years with 14-year-olds running YouTube channels and 12-year-olds contouring (what do you need to contour at 12 I ask you)

This is my first ever FOTD (face of the day post)

It’s not even today, it was done over the weekend…
Woolworths Walmer Park Beauty gave me their own brand of cruelty free cosmetics to test out and I jumped at the chance.
Their products are cruelty free and good for sensitive skin. They place a lot of emphasis on sustainability and do not permit animal testing, infact their private label of toiletries and cosmetics is endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC) just look out for the bunny symbol.

This look was created using


Woolworths eyes palette in modern myth
Woolworths Chubby lipstick in cinnamon sweetheart
and Woolworths tinted lip gloss in grape

Disclaimer: I am not a beauty blogger! I’m not even pretending to be one (most beauty bloggers are practically magicians these days) so the following opinions are by no means expert. They are just the honest findings of a woman who is determined to treat herself better on the inside and out.

– Eyeshadow palette: I love the the shades and the colour payoff is good. There is a shimmer to the palette, especially the gold but it is not overwhelming or cheap looking.

– Chubby lipstick: I LOVE LOVE LOVE. The colour is a great “nude” for people with my skin tone. The real nudes tend to make me look like I’m on hunger strike. I also love how smooth it glides on and how moisturisng it is. It also lasts fairly long.

– Tinted lip gloss: The scent and packaging tells me I’m a little (a lottle) old for this one BUT it is really moisturising and the purple hue is great over “dull” lipsticks.

cruelty free cosmetics

*extra products are Garnier bb cream in medium, Revlon powder blush in naughty nude, Revlon MegaLash mascara and a Yardley eyebrow pencil (My Revlon products are also from Woolworths Beauty Walmer Park)

5 thoughts on “My views on Woolworths cruelty free cosmetics

  1. Venean Bosch says:

    Hmmmm will definitely give them a look love that they are cruelty free and for sensitive skin.. #winwin thanks for sharing!

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