Watch us test Pampers and win nappies (Video)

Sooo this Pampers post is a long time coming. But things just weren’t working for me.
These things include my actual body as I have been/am/feels like always am sick.
I won’t bore you with the details, but it includes feeling like regurgitated death, you know the feeling.

Also this video was much flashier with intros and music and things and stuff, but laptop and apps and uploading and life and now you have the basic video…
Sorry about that, I think my hair is giant and Aidan is cute so the video still works, hehehe
What video you ask…
A while back Pampers asked if we would like to test out the new Pampers Premium nappy, honestly I didn’t see the point.
Aidan is potty trained (well mostly…wears pull ups and uses toilet, so lets say 89% trained) and we have always been a Pampers family.
It’s a little late in the game for them to try and convince us…. BUT then they said, do you think your readers would want to test it out?
And I thought YES! YES! YES! They should!

So now five of you can each win a pack of New Pampers Premium to test yourselves

We tested our pack on my “other baba” Caleb and he LOVED it, well his mom loves it, (he loves eating cookies from under the table and running away from whoever tries to dress him).
She is hooked, but disclaimer, she was a pampers mom to start off with so when they improve what you liked anyway it’s hard not to be impressed.  She says that it is a nice snug fit (Caleb is a skinny lil bugger, despite under table cookies) and it doesn’t leak or sag (man I hate saggy nappies) and it’s her new favourite.
I thought it might be fun to do a little “blue water as soon on tv ad with Aidan” so we did the test they sent, see below… enjoy and don’t be too harsh it was our first try and it’s completely unscripted and I’m dying so be nice.

We found that compared to the old Pampers Premium (the one we used before) moisture is definitely absorbed faster and the special chambers inside mean the nappy doesn’t bunch up with wetness in the center…

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