When white picket fences fall …Ruth’s story

Today’s feature is on an amazing young woman,Ruth Abercrombie (we went from polite greetings on the train to crafting soulmates and cyber buddies,hehe) She blogs over HERE and recently shared about going from being a young mom and wife to a single woman fending for herself and daughter after her husband decided marriage was not for him… (note I didn’t say single mom, I don’t think her close knit family let’s anything be single when it comes to her gorgeous little girl)
On the day I turned 25 years of age, I found myself back under my parents roof, (technically ontop, I live in a flat upstairs) I just started a new job a month earlier, at an Accounting firm where I knew nobody and my husband, whom I’v been with for 9 years, left me 4 months prior, in search of a better life, fame and riches. (I suppose, I still don’t know the real reason). So does this mean that I’m at a disadvantage? I don’t think so!”
This really spoke to me and I asked here to write about finding the strength to move on and up…

No Fear – Just Faith
To Fear or to have Faith is a choice. We choose daily, sometimes not even being aware that we have. We choose to feed our fears or our faith, and what you feed is what will grow.
I love animals and nature and feel there is much to learn from them. I recently watched something very interesting on Animal Planet, where wildlife experts did a study on the Power of a Lion’s Roar, how far the sound travels, the effects of the mighty roar on other animals etc.
Sometimes the lion just stalks its prey and attack when it’s close enough, other times he uses the power of fear. Allow me to explain… it is said when the lion roars, it paralyzes his prey, bringing about confusion. The lion could still be far away, enough for the poor thing to get away, run or hide, but the prey is too bewildered, uncertain and hesitant to make a move.
The Lion knows the physical effects that fear has on his prey, and uses it to his advantage. The human body also reacts negatively to fear it’s not just an emotional or spiritual thing.
1 Peter 5:8-9 “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, stand firm in the faith…”
When we are overcome by fear, we too, just as the lion’s prey, are bewildered and not self-controlled.  We are not alert and cannot make rational decisions or think realistically, we are controlled by our circumstances. Recently the Loud  Roar of me and my husband’s separation  had me bewildered, it happened  privately but too me it felt LOUD, my world was shaken, I was overcome by the fear of being a single mom, the fear of opinions, the fear of uncertainty and fear for the future, it totally paralyzed me.
I found comfort in Mark 5: 34 where Jesus said to the woman “Daughter, your Faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering”.  
Fear brings about suffering, It makes you sick… physically. Faith heals you and sets you free!
Faith is seeing light with your heart, when all your eyes see, is darkness. Faith is knowing that this (whatever you are dealing with) too, shall pass.
So feed your Faith and your fears will starve.
With love from a once fearful but now strong and very courageous young woman.

Ruth Abercrombie

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