The good thing about an annoying child

The trait that annoys you in your child might just  be the ticket to their success.

I’ve taken to listening to Tedtalks – as with most things I waited long enough for it to not be “in” anymore. One specific speaker struck a cord. American youth motivational speaker, best-selling author, and TV personality Josh Shipp spoke about annoying habits being turned into life changing skills.

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Port Elizabeth Vegan hang outs

In the market for Port Elizabeth Vegan hang outs? A place you or your Vegan friend won’t have to settle for a plate of chips or a garden salad? These are some places with yum options…

Full disclosure, I have not personally tried out all the Port Elizabeth Vegan hang outs on this list. I have tried most of them and the rest are suggestions from veggie friends – please note that I am super keen to know about more places so please comment and I will have a updated list in the near future:

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