5 lessons from Daily Dish

Have you tried out the Supper Box concept yet? We got the chance to try out Daily Dish when they signed up as #ECmeetup sponsors and were pleasantly surprised.

The service is quick and easy. You chose from one of their 5 menus and have it delivered to you in a refrigerated box. You get recipe cards and tips and tricks and all you have to do is follow the instructions… Like gourmet paint by numbers.

It was a fun experiment for Rob and I. Unlike him, I’m not super in love with cooking but learnt a thing or two. 5 to be exact:

– Rethink your sides…

Never in a million years would I have thought that greenbeans would be a favourite side dish in my life. In fact, since following a Daily Dish herby garlic chops with green beans recipe, I now eat it like a plate of chips. I also have a new favorite after trying out the chicken mustard burger which was paired with a carrot coriander slaw, something I would have never tried before, but now consider a favorite.

– A little goes a long way…

The Daily Dish boxes give you everything you need to create meals for the week. When taking out the day’s ingredients I was pleasantly surprised that something with just a few ingredients could be so hearty and filling. One of the meals we tried was apricot kofta pitas. I was nervous because it came without a side… Turns out it didn’t need a side. If you have the right ingredients then bigger is not always better.

– Think outside the box

Ironically Daily Dish comes inside a box,however it made me think outside the box when it comes to week day recipe additions. Busy days mean the fancy things are left for special occasions. But with these boxes we are adding pistachios to pitas and wine to gravy in the middle of the week.

– Tray bakes are amazing

We don’t do tray bakes, I didn’t even know it was a thing but now it’s a fave. Courgettes, bell peppers, corn and so much more chunky veg cooked in a tray with sausages and served with pesto IS LIFE…

– You can learn to cook in your own kitchen

The thing that stuck me with Daily Dish was the simplicity of the recipes. I found myself giggling when they gave instructions on how to cut a carrot and what side of the grater to use. However I learnt so much from just one week… Techniques, flavors and just ideas. I feel like we got to do a couples cooking course in our own kitchen.

– Daily dish is not cheap. Meals are around R100 per serving and for many that’s crazy. I did the math though and found that you are definitely getting value for your money and reducing overall waste. We have done these recipes at home since trying the box and it works out way more expensive. Especially when you factor in that you can’t buy 5ml of mustard. You also need to get to the shops and then have to get home and start cooking.

I love the concept, its so much fun and feels like an ideal wedding or house warming gift.

Have you tried a Supper Box service before what do you think? …

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