5 reasons I recommend gingerbread house kit SA (plus a chance to win)

We recently tried out gingerbread house kit SA and really loved it and I’m not just saying this because they agreed to give away a kit to a blog reader.

Infact I’ve made a list of why I loved the gingerbread house kit and am placing an order for this year’s Christmas eve box.

Firstly let me explain what the gingerbread house kit contains. You get the wall pieces, the roof as well as two extra decorative pieces. Ours had a Christmas tree and a slay. You also get the icing, and a ton of sweets to decorate with. The instructions are also pretty easy to follow and you get a piping bag for the icing.

5 reasons I recommend gingerbread house kit SA

1. The gingerbread actually tastes really good

When I opened the pack it immediately smelled like Christmas at my grans house. The cookies are tender and don’t have that mass produced artificial taste.

2. It’s value for money

You guys know I’m rather proud of my bargain hunter status right. Well this isn’t cheap, R250 on the online store. However, you get everything in this kit and unlike the kit my friend got last year, you get enough icing and the cookies are very sturdy and fit together well. If you had to make the gingerbread house from scratch this would cost you waaaay more.

3. It a great family activity

I spent an afternoon putting the kit together with Aidy and it was so much fun. Kids love candy and messy play so this is a great combo. You will need more than two hands to put this together anyway.

4. It doubles as a snack

With a lot of Christmas crafts you end up with a nick nack you have no use for (not my white ornaments, those are awesome) but with this you just pull out the hot chocolate and destroy the evidence…. Yummm

5. It’s pretty versatile

Aidan doesn’t like birthday cake so for his last few birthdays we have gone with alternatives from donut mountains to layered waffles and carrot cake muffins. He has now requested a gingerbread house kit that we need to decorate to look a mad scientist lab… Not sure how I’m going to make it look like a lab… But it will be fun to try.

Now to win your own kit…

My Spreadsheet brain and I are giving away kits to two lucky winners. Find the gingerbread house picture on my Facebook and Instagram pages and follow the prompts…

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