6 reasons you want a Thunzi Bush Lodge picnic

#TeamMeyers embarked on a Thunzi Bush Lodge picnic this past weekend and I’m back with my opinion…I’m full of opinions, actually, just as a general rule… Firstly yes we took our son on what is usually considered a romantic getaway, but work keeps us away from him so weekends we try to include him on our outings and he actually had such fun. ( I later learned that kids often come along when people use the picnic as a special “small party”)

So what did we think of the Thunzi Bush Lodge picnic? – which is available on the Nelson Mandela Bay Pass, btw

Firstly, let us get the price out of the way, it is R195 per person, R390 per picnic basket for two. We used our passes for the outing

6 reasons I recommend the Thunzi Bush Lodge Picnic

A change of scenery

Restaurants are awesome (in fact I’m starting an eating out section on the blog soon), but sometimes you need something different. The views from the picnic spots are amazing. Each little lapa is closed off from the rest of the lodge and you can’t believe you are still right in Port Elizabeth.

It is so quiet

My detective husband is paranoid when it gets too quiet, me on the other hand, omw! I loved being able to hear myself think for a change! They ask that you be respectful of the other guests and not make a noise so I suggest you not take the loud friends with (disclaimer, I am the loud friend). Like you can’t wander around and play music it really just chats and eat and be merry, which we all need.

It could make a great girls eve out

Thunzi Bush Lodge Picnic gives me “proposal vibes”. Like you can practically smell the nerves and aftershave of the men who went on their knees there, it is THAT romantic looking, but I can totally see it as an outing for girlfriends who just need to get away from it all… Like if your friend is going through a tough time, take her to the bush and feed her gourmet treats while she lists the reasons so and so sucks…Or celebrate someone’s promotion, engagement, divorce…

Good food

You get a tick-off-menu to chose your food from. This is snacky picnic food, but it is so good and they think of everything. Cutlery, little seasonings, the works. (I brought extra wet wipes because I have met my family). There is also the option to add extras, over and above your R190. You can buy drinks on arrival and bring champagne and wine for an R30 corkage fee.

It is close

Guys the petrol price is not a joke! I mean we are getting to a point where we can fill our tanks with Moët for cheaper. So if you are in Port Elizabeth, this is right there in Colleen Glen, a few minutes from anywhere. Which I appreciate because we come in from Uitenhage and you know #petrolproblems

For the gram

The place is so stunning and makes for beautiful pictures. I know some of my readers are super mature and above selfies and “look at the fancy place I visited” pics. But for the rest of us! this place makes for stunning pictures and you can even throw in a few #tbt pics you know for the days you are sitting on a bed with a face mask and a tube of Pringles and you want people to remember the one time you were fancy

I can’t leave without a Meh soooo my meh would be that they have monkeys, guys give me snakes, spiders, I don’t mind. Monkeys, however, anything with thumbs (yes humans included) makes me uncomfortable. We did not see any monkeys or even hear them, but there was a sign which is bad enough in my book

  • let me know if there is any place you would like us to check out next 🙂

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