8 simple ways you can add goodness to the lives of others

So why am I sharing simple ways you can add goodness, well honestly, it is because life is so difficult right now. Everyone is going through “the most” and I’ve found in my own life that helping others helps me cope a little better.

I’ve been chatting to the guys at Denny Mushrooms and seeing all the little ways they have been able to add goodness to the lives of South Africans during lockdown has really inspired me.


Since the beginning of lock down, Denny has donated many tonnes of mushrooms to shelters and old age homes across the country. They started a knitting initiative, providing blankets to shelters (yes they are knitting blankets I double checked this after my UNBOXING VIDEO). They are also partnering and volunteering at soup kitchens, such as Ladles of Love in the Western Cape, helping to hand out mushroom soup to those in need.

The latest in their list of initiatives is over at https://dennyaddgoodness.co.za/ here any of us can donate money which will benefit Food Forward SA. Food Forward SA supports over 1000 beneficiary organisations (BOs) reaching close to 500 000 vulnerable people directly (and an estimated 1,5 million people indirectly) with food parcels to households.

Donating as little as R10 towards this campaign also puts you in line to win a really cute onsie, as seen HERE in my unboxing video

So here are my 10 simple ways to add goodness to the lives of others

1 . Donate even if it feels like little

I speak from experience when I say people’s income has been negatively affected by the lock down. Personally I’m down to like 50% of what I’d usually earn (freelancing and eventing) but even so I know I am still blessed. So initiatives like https://dennyaddgoodness.co.za/ where you can donate as little as R20 bucks is such a godsend, because it adds to a bigger plan and can put food on the table of so many hungry families.

2. Buy a little extra

When going to the shop why not throw in an extra loaf of bread or a tin of beans, so when someone comes to you asking for something to eat you have something to offer.

3. Buy locally

The economy is currently like Jack in Titanic, but lets not be Rose, let’s move up and share the room on the door. By this I mean buy from the local supplier where you can, buy locally produced products, help the mom and pop shops.

4. Share a meal

Since we can’t share a meal like we used to, why not cook extra and deliver it (with you mask on please) to someone who could do with some help right now. A lot of people are struggling to cope, be it because of health or finances or just because life is so busy and exhausting, a ready to eat lasagna might save a life (is what I’m saying – DM me for my address is what I’m hinting at, kidding kidding)

5. Drop a gift

I’ve been on the receiving end of this and it really just meant so much, I had three different friends on three different occasions have a gift dropped off for me. I’ve been sick and then in isolation all while dealing with home schooling and sick roommates (that’s what I call my husband and son) their amazing gifts – which might feel like trinkets to them – (all locally sourced because they know me like that) meant the world to me, it gave me the strength to go on. It also made me look into ways I could pay it forward and have gifted a few care packages of my own. (You don’t have to have money for this, maybe you have extra hand cream from Clicks 3 for 2 sale, or you bake yummy cookies, or you were lucky enough to receive a bumper hamper of Denny mushrooms…A little thought goes a long way.

6. Remember our fury friends

Animal charities are suffering. So if you can foster a pet, donate towards spaying and neutering, feed some strays please do. The stories I’ve heard about starving animals has really been tugging at my heart strings. Aidan has a little project he is working on to help animals, keep an eye out for that. Ideally he would adopt every cat ever, but since that is not viable he is opting to raise some money

7. Don’t share unverified things

I know this one seems very random, but guys sharing unverified posts on social media (this includes whatsapp) is adding so much extra stress in an already stressful time. Seriously check your sources and your info because you might be sending people into a spiral for something that is not even true.

8. Be kind to yourself

This one seems to be something we all forget, we cant be out here wondering how we can add goodness when we aren’t good to ourselves. So take care and be safe.

For more info on Denny initiatives, check out these sites:
https://www. https://www.instagram.com/dennymushrooms/

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