Why should I attend another #ECMeetup?

Seen one #ECMeetup seen them all right? I mean how much chatting to like-minded individuals, amazing goodiebags and expert blogging advice does one really need?

Surely you don’t need to come for the following reasons.

  • It will be at Fairview Race course, the premier horse racing venue in the Eastern Cape. Who needs stunning views steeped in history? So what if Fairview Racecourse Promotions Manager Karin le Roux has tricks up her sleeve to treat bloggers, who needs that, right? I mean totally don’t go to Luchae’s blog to find out about our venue sponsor today.
  • A theme appropriate high tea menu will be on offer. But you are not into fine dining, right? The fact that Petronella Fine Dining and Catering has come on board doesn’t interest you in the slightest, right? As Fairview Race course’s in house caterers they have done it all from weddings to corporate events. Annelie Oosthuizen, the owner of Petronella prides herself in bringing exclusive fine dining to larger audiences. Her team consists of young passionate chefs, trained in classical cooking styles and their combined passion for food and technical ability is sure to delight the senses. But you are totally fine with skipping this gourmet treat, right?

  • Travelstart have come on board as one of the #ECMeetup key sponsors. But why would you want to attend and not only learn from their experts, but also set yourself up for possible paid work with one of South Africa’s most blogger conscious brands.
  • You say you love to #Sharethebay but do you really need to get your name on event lists for local tourism? Do you really need to meet the people behind the press releases and stand in line to win tourism related prizes.
  • Also goodie bags are overrated. So what if the last #ECMeetup goodie bags were worth the price of the ticket times ten and that every single one in attendance, apart from event planners, Ella (sadly, me) and Shay walked away with a prize. I mean, a birdie did tell me that they have big national and international brands on-board this year, but whatevs, right?
  • You heard that Megan Botha of By Megan Kelly – the blogging and social media wiz – is busy packing up to go to South America, but who wants to learn from an expert in the field, someone who has cemented her name in South African blogging and built an internationally recognized web business anyway, right?
  • You also don’t need professional headshots, with professional make-up artists to touch you up right, I mean why is #ECMeetup so Extra for anyway?

Obviously I am kidding! You totally want to come and Lu and I totally want you there, so if you are a Eastern Cape based blogger and influencer, contact us!!! Time is running out and we have only 70 goodiebags. If you’re unable to purchase right now, you can RSVP to either one of us to hold one for you. Tickets cost R150 and all monies must be paid by May 25th.

Purchase by making payment to FNB 62712255365, and using your name and surname as reference

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