Brown paper gift wrapping ideas

So yesterday I did some brown paper gift wrapping. I’m trying to make this festive season as waste free as possible, so apart from getting inspiration from Aidan’s birthday party for our holiday celebrations I’m also trying to make sure that gift wrapping is either reusable or recyclable.

I did use some non paper items in my brown paper gift wrapping, but it’s very minimal and easily removed.

My brown paper gift wrapping ideas.

1. Torn paper effect

This came from necessity more than style. Caleb and Aidan ripped some of my brown paper and I did not want it going to waste. So I popped the gift into a white box, put a strip of brown paper around it and decorated it with a sticker I picked up from the Locally Yours Market in Port Elizabeth. R15 a sheet at S&A Printing

2. Polka dot candy

I wanted to upgrade a square box so instead of taping it down I used elastic bands to tie the sides into a candy wrapper shape. Then using craft glue and gold confetti I pasted dots on the paper for a quirky finish.

3. Pringle power

Aidan loves Pringles and I have managed to find quite a few uses for the cylindrical containers. One of which is quickly wrapping paper around it and poping a gift inside. Self adhesive paper works great for this as well.

4. Washi tape flower

Some times gifts have tricky shapes, for this I lean into the weird look and gather the paper at a point. Tearing of pieces randomly leaves a rough edge. Washi tape gives this unorthodox looking gift a more finished look.

5. Material bow

Scrap material makes for a quick and easy bow to update any look. Just take a strip of material and fold into a loop, then tape the center to form a bow shape, and then stick it onto a simplely wrapped gift for a quick update.

6. Brown paper bag update

Washi tape and a clothing peg instantly update a simple brown bag. And after the gift is out the recipient can make some brown paper bag popcorn. Double win

– other ways to reduce wrapping waste is to make reusable fabric bags. I have tutorials for no sew bags you tie as well as no sew bags that are self closing in a way.

-if you have any tips please do share

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