Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Review

I was very chuffed to receive the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla range to test out when then the product rolled out in SA recently… Here’s what I thought.

As always I need to mention that everyone’s hair is different so what works for me might not work for you… But I try to be very transparent and honest in all my reviews and I welcome questions in the comments.

I received the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla shampoo, conditioner, hair smoothie and leave in conditioning spray to review and gave it a full month’s trial before reviewing…. As I only wash my hair like once a week this made the most sense.


I found that the shampoo has a weird texture, thick and almost goeey and at first use there was some slimey black goo that freaked me out a little, but after shaking it – a lot – I got rid of this. As someone who is used to cowashing this shampoo was something to get used to. It’s low foam but does nothing from a conditioning point of view. It leaves you with squeaky clean hair which I know not everyone is looking for. Since I’ve started using gel for styling I appreciate the clean though, it’s good for product build-up


Honestly the first time I used this I could not be more MEH if I tried. It did nothing for me. But I always give new products at least a month and with my last wash I realised that it won me over, it actually works so well with the shampoo, it injects the moisture lost while shampooing (which I guess is how these things should work) and I’ve changed my mind. Despite not having tons of slip it does help with detangling.

Hair smoothie

Omw loooove I use this after washing and conditioning and I’m not even sure if that’s what’s expected. It just feels so great on my hair. The product texture is extreme thick sort of like a facial mud mask but for your hair. My hair loves it. Instant curl definition. I have seen some people use it as a leave in but definitely don’t see it working for me. I do leave the smallest amount of the product in when I rinse though, I just love how it makes my hair feel.


The first time I used this I thought I would be brave and use it as instructed (spray on and go). I usually go with curl creams for styling because I need something to weigh it down a little (I have a very fluffy frizz prone afro if I go without any product or styling). With the spray my hair was soft and shiny but with no real curl definition and by the next day my hair felt like it needed a wash. I ended up putting in braids for the week because I just didn’t know what else to do with it quite frankly… Then with the next wash I went back to using my usual styling products with the spray to revive my curls in the morning… Can I just say Omw love love… It helps my curls look shiney and moisturised for the longest time. It is a bit vanilla overload when it comes to the smell. But the way my curls look after a morning spritz has me looooving it. It’s so good for my scarf looks.

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla products sell for between R150 to R200 each and the one that I’m more than willing to spend my hard earned money on is the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla moisture and shine leave in conditioner spray with the hair smoothie coming a close second.

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