Curly countdown with Claire

It’s Thursday and the second in my curly countdown series.
I’m quite excited about today’s curly countdown!!! The woman I’m featuring is inspiring in many ways…She runs her own business, can hold a crowds attention with her talks and is the master mind behind the Curls in the City group which all Nelson Mandela Bay curly girls and guys can agree is a God send…
Here is Claire’s  curly countdown

5. Random facts about me and my hair

I have fine curly hair which was blond when I was born but changed during childhood

It has a mind of it’s own – most days

It can be ‘managed’ with the right products and ingredients

I absolutely love my hair – no ghd required

4. Products or activities I cannot live without

leave in conditioner – a must for any natural

twisting/braiding it to set my curls after applying curling custard or leave in conditioner. My curls come out looking the same this way.

Currently cant be without Aunt Jackie’s products (this might change as I like to try new products ALL the time)

I also have to deep condition at least every two weeks – which means walking around with a shower cap on my head for an hour

3. Tips for other curly girls

Find out what type of hair you have and what you can do to make it go with it’s natural flow – and not against it

Just do it – You will find that  your natural hair suits you perfectly because their are  yours.

We all have different hair types so try various methods and find what works for you.

Use products that do not contain sulfates or parabens – they are big no no’s for your hair.

Give it time as all good things come with patience – the natural way is not the quick way.

Not everyone has to like how you wear your hair. Just you!


2. Misconceptions about curly hair

That we just wash and wear our hair – not with my curl type!!!

Most people think that I have permed my hair – and want to touch them.

Some even mistake them for dreadlocks!

1. The awesome pic above


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