Decode your child’s play personality

Buying gifts for kids can be tricky, especially if they are in that awkward, ”big but not that big” stage.

Lucky Hasbro has come through with some much-needed help in the form of a play personality quiz. to help you navigate your gift decisions this festive season.

To be honest, most kids are just going to be thankful regardless of the gift, but to be even more honest, I don’t like wasting money. I want to get you something you actually want, not something that is going to the bottom drawer until it is time to donate.

So I did the play personality quiz and it turns out Aidan is a Champion. No shock here

The Champion

When it comes to toys and games, this kid is in it to win it. Driven by a competitive instinct and the need to be faster and more dexterous than everyone else, The Champion simply loves finding ways to outwit opponents at all costs.

So board games are where it is at for Aidy…Here are the other personality types with a gift idea

The imaginer

Your child has a vivid imagination and loves to get creative during playtime. With a passion for toys that enable them to express their inner world. A Play-Doh set might be just what they need

The Energiser

Does this kid ever sit still? A ball of energy, The Energiser is never happier than when running around letting off steam. Excitable, full of mischief and fun, your child is motivated by movement of all sorts. Try an interactive toy like furReal Glamalots Interactive Pets.

The Jokester

Does your son or daughter love to play tricks? The Jokester’s biggest desire is to get up to mischief and fool everyone around them. Something like the Nerf Elite Flip-Shots Flip-16 would be perfect for them.

The Enchanter

Bedtime is likely to be this child’s favourite part of the day because this dreamer loves a storybook that transports them into another world. Something like the My Little Pony Sing ‘N Skate Sunny  will play into their love of fantasy.

The Leader

Having protective instincts makes this child a caring type, who is also assertive and with a strong sense of responsibility. The Power Rangers are perfect for that

The Discoverer

Is your child always asking questions and trying to work out what makes things tick? Fascinated by the world, the Discoverer gets a real kick out of exploring it and loves discovering the magic in everyday activities as well as experiencing new things. Futuristic toys like Cyberverse Adventures Roll’n’Change Bumble Bee/Optimus Prime are the way to go

The Enthusiast

A thrill-seeker with a sense of adventure bar none, if your child falls into this category, they will love their favourite toys and games with a passion and tend to know exactly what they love to do most. Sounds like a Nerf gun fan to me.

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