DIY baby shower prizes

I’m in the process of planning my sister’s baby shower… In my experience there are three types of baby showers
1. The come have tea and watch mom open gifts shower
2. The lets all play games and win little prizes shower
3. The humiliate the the mom shower

I never got number three, why would you want to make the mom feel bad? Why would you write on her, make her wear skimpy clothes and parade her around. Also what’s up with the drinking apple juice out of a potty with chocolate floating in and don’t get me started on smearing her head with a flour concoction.  My sister and I had an agreement we wouldn’t let people subject us to number 3 and this weekend she threatened to host a random party just to humiliate me if I don’t keep up my end of the bargain. Needless to say I’m going with number 2….

Games and eats and prizes 🙂
Naturally I’m going to throw some DIY into the mix, here are some prizes I found through my friend pinterest, will see which of these I can make…

Google Image Result for
"A" For Appreciation: DIY Gifts for Teachers

Make these smell good bath salts with mostly stuff you already have at home!  Easy peasy!

A simple DIY sugar scrub that you can make with the leftover petals from a bouquet of roses! Baby Rose Sugar Scrub #DIY #SugarScrub

And here are some ideas from my own archives…

JustEllaBella: Make your own gingerbread sugar scrub

Easy gift idea

Button Bracelet

DIY Hand Warmers

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