Eco and Budget friendly gift wrapping ideas

The festive season has amazing up sides, like; family, faith and public holidays,  but I’m not going to lie, there is A WHOLE LOT OF WASTE that comes with it.

So many packets and packaging material and so much money being spent – so I hope these eco and budget friendly gift wrapping ideas help ease the load.

Firstly let me just say that my biggest eco and budget friendly gift wrapping ideas are insanely simple and don’t really need a DIY blog post…

  1. I reuse gift bags , but don’t we all
  2. I use chalk board paint to paint on shoeboxes and use the box as a wrapping/extra gift
  3. Sometimes I buy little backpacks and fill it with trinkets and that’s the whole gift
  4. My parents used to have a pillowcase for each of us kids and instead of wrapping our gifts individually they would put it in there (for Christmas)…

The other Eco and Budget friendly gift wrapping ideas require a little more effort but are totally worth it.

No sew loot bags

These bags can be made from any scrap material, like that skirt you tore and are sad to see go. I did a full DIY here.

Brown paper gift options

Brown paper is one of the most cost effective ways to wrap a gift, and it does not have to be boring, like I showed you guys here.

Zip up document pouch

A zip up bag makes a great way too wrap a gift and is simultaneously also a gift. And it’s easier than you think to make, see here

No sew fabric gift bag

This one is actually my most common go to, it can be made in a multitude of sizes and does not even require an additional closure. Use this DIY to make your own

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