Essential oils and gemstones to lift your mood

Not everyone believes in the power of essential oils and gemstones and that’s fine, to each his own. This list is for those who have or want to see the benefits for themselves.

I use oils as part of aromatherapy which is a complementary therapy. I dont think it provides a cure for diseases, rashes or illnesses, but I can definitely see it supporting conventional treatment of various conditions. I also find gemstones interesting as they are basically used to magnify, balance and redirect specific energies.

Uplifting essential oils

bergamot – energizing

cinnamon – boosts energy

eucalyptus – stimulates the brain and improves energy

frankincense – balances the nervous system

French basil – stimulates the adrenal glands

ginger root – energizing

grapefruit – boosts energy

juniper berry – improves energy levels

lime – uplifts mood or motivates creativity

lemongrass – invigorates senses

pineĀ  – provides a boost of energy

thyme – increases energy and boosts spirits

wild orange – lifts mood

This info is from a medically reviewed article by Scott Frothingham on

Uplifting Gemstones

Sunstone. – This stone is known as the Joyful Stone and encourages a positive mindset.

Rose Quartz. – This popular gemstone is known as the Stone of Unconditional Love. It helps to strengthen our sense of beauty, positive self-love, and self-esteem

Amethyst. – Amethyst is known to repel negative energy and attract positive energy

Citrine. – Helping to clear the mind and balance emotions, this bright yellow stone is our go-to for when we’re feeling low

For more info on uplifting gemstones check out this article on Mala+meĀ 

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