How actress, model and DJ – Kietzn deals with anxiety

I got to chat to internationally-known Capetonian, Kietzn (Jeanné Kietzmann) and found out I had more in common with the Los Angeles-based actress, model, DJ and music producer than I ever would have thought.


Photo credits: Justin Munitz

Obviously we both have amazing lips, awesome wrist tattoos and a flair for the dramatic, but I would have never guessed that someone at the top of their game, someone who has been described as a Hollywood Star in the making, would be grappling with anxiety. I got her to share her “calm the heck down” tactics with us and it’s pretty refreshing.

Firstly, for those of you who feel like “I’ve definitely seen this face” despite not being into the Club DJ scene. She is actually best known in SA for her role as Tamara Blaine, the girlfriend of Jonathan Grant (played by Charlie Keegan) in the M-Net soccer drama series League of Glory, in 2010. She made her debut on television in 2008 with a cameo role in the M-Net mini-series Innocent Times and has played a supporting role in the eight-episode BBC science fiction series Outcasts. If you recognise more than her face, it could be because she graced quite a few issues of FHM or maybe you are one of her many many Instagram followers.

Recently Kietzn has become known through her DJ sets at Burning Man. 
Her music style can be described as deep minimal tech house with a lot of Afro-House influences.

Photo credits: Justin Munitz

How Kietzn deals with her anxiety

  • I get burnt out quiet often as I am always on the go, but for me having a good exercise routine (I try workout 4 times a week…either HIIT, spinning or yoga classes – I often use this time to listen to podcasts or audible books) and a healthy diet is really important.
  • I’ll take a day here or there which I like to term an “Emotional day” and I’ll stay in bed, order food and catch up on a TV series or read a book. I read a lot which is a nice escape from my day to day life. (Hey I do this too, told you I have celeb tendencies)
  • I go for a massage as often as I can, there’s an amazing authentic Thai place close to where I live which makes me feel as if I’m not in LA for 90 minutes.
  • I’ll drink a CBD tea and take CBD oil and zen out and get a massage, its so relaxing. I try meditate fairly often, I struggle with anxiety so this really does help me keep it together. (I actually just shared my own experience with CBD products, do check it out)
  • I love going to the beach, this is one of my favorite ways to unwind on a sunny day, it reminds me of Cape Town – growing up we spent a lot of time on the beach.
  • I love running a bath, burning some candles and listening to classical music, I do this at least once a week.
  • I specifically take Sundays to relax, tidy my apartment (which weirdly is very therapeutic), do laundry and I’ll spend the night having a bath, putting a face mask on. Self care is always so important especially for me as I have so many late nights and it can get the better of you so I like to try and prioritize this and unwind and be kind to myself as much as possible.

A giant thank you to Kietzn for being so forthcoming and awesome and reminding us to be kind to ourselves.

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