I found my favourite cocktail at News Café – it comes in a vase

So just in time for my new restaurant review section , we got an invite to #Bethevibe at News café. I love it when I plan comes together, I tell you!

We have been to News café before, but usually for their yummy breakfasts; eggs benedict and smoothie bowls are life, but this time around we went out in the evening time, like people who could be mistaken for people with social lives.

*In the interest of transparency Rob and I were given a voucher to use and asked to post a pic or two on social media, and since we seriously needed to visit a place without a play area we jumped at the chance.

Here is my views on News Cafe

1. Decor and vibe

The place is pretty posh. You know very yuppie business meeting meets first date meets girls night out. Yes that’s a laboured description, but I have always thought News Café’s overall look, feel and vibe was; “make some effort with your appearance, you don’t know who you might bump in to”.

2. Service

The staff has always been very friendly and helpful. I remember going their once and they had some issues in the kitchen, the guy serving us was so sincerely sorry we ended up trying to cheer him up, hahahaha. But yes the staff passes my, “do they act like they are doing me a favour” test.

3. Food

Let me just tell you now that I do not like raw broccoli, I kind of forgot that fact when I ordered one of their Crispy Pork Bowls, and then ended up sending back a bowl of raw broccoli. Everything else was super yummy though. Rob went for the Beef Noodle Bowl and I practically finished off all his mushrooms. Their food is fresh and yummy, even in the evening time. Their breakfasts are actually served whole day (FYI) but I did not think avocado toast would go with their cocktails. We had the Jamaica Me Crazy to share, it’s basically a vase filled with different rums, gin and fruit. SO GOOD!

4. Price

This is not budget student prices. REAL TALK. But it does not break the bank as I was lead to believe. Seriously you can have an awesome night out with shared cocktails, these are under R150 for at least four glasses and they have platters. Their burgers are around a R100 so are their salads and with the burgers you don’t have to buy everything separate (yes, the sides are not treated like batteries in a toy store, yeah!). I actually feel like I’ve been under a much more costly impression, I blame the dark wood furnishings.

— This place has me craving their cocktails, are you a News Café cocktail fan?

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