My inconsequential parenting annoyances

What are inconsequential parenting annoyances?  you ask…Well as parents we have very real worries, real serious life or death struggles. Then there are things we get annoyed by that in the bigger picture is pretty laughable…I thought I’d share my parenting annoyances in the hopes that you will then share yours and I will seem less insane.

  • I’m annoyed that my kid has to mix all his playdoh, it irks me to no end. Whhyyyyy must playdoh come in gross grey and bleugh brown in this house? Why can’t we make pretty creations and post it to instagram #mykidmadethis

    • Why must puzzle pieces always go missing and then turn up after you got rid of the set…why have you forsaken me puzzle Gods whyyyy

    •  I’m annoyed that my son doesn’t eat a great variety of foods. I had such big dreams of making beautiful bento boxes but noooooooo this provita and cream cheese loving kid is leaving my cutters unused. There is no pretty way to present his beige lunch and that is annoying

    • He wants to dress himself. I mean how is my kid ever going to  be  #outfitgoals if he insists on wearing the same thing for days and pairing Wellington boots with everything from pajamas to swimwear

    • Another strange parenting annoyance is that he insists on playing with his toys. The cute things that pull his room together, the stuff I specifically bought because it matches his room, but of course he has to play with it messing with my aesthetic

    • I’m kinda annoyed that I have to watch so much Disney Junior and youtube playdoh videos that I have been known to hum the theme songs in general life, in front of grown folk.


    Yes these parenting annoyances are inconsequential, ridiculous even, but hey I’m only human, a human who sort of wanted a curated Instagram feed but ended up with carpets full of legos, faces full of chocolate and hair full of tangles. But hey I also got hearts full of love so I’m not too bumbed. Also I have this Instagram for when he does let me dress him, haha


So come on, fess up, what is your inconsequential annoyance?

5 thoughts on “My inconsequential parenting annoyances

  1. Leolynn says:

    I feel you with the watching Disney Junior part. I know all the characters of amazing world of Gumball: their histories and personality traits. Great post!

  2. Debbie Wood says:

    These “annoyances” (tongue in cheek) will all too soon become happy memories so make the most of every second. They grow up way too fast, get married and move to Mexico (very very far away!) and you don’t get to do it all over again with your grandchildren as you’ve always dreamed.

  3. Andrea Thomas says:

    Oh what a laugh! I feel you! I have many annoyance that could end up being a post all on it’s own! It is all worth it at the end of the night (after you beg and bribe them to fall asleep) when you watch them sound asleep and can finally have a much needed shower and hot cup of coffee (at 11pm)!

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