How to know if you need a trim

I might need a trim, but actually, I don’t want one. I want long curls man, and fellow curly girls know that you need to grow your hair Rapunzel style to get a decent bob (DAMN YOU SHRINKAGE). But I am starting to think the curls need a trim…
Based on the fact that I do not want a cut right now unless absolutely necessary, I chatted to Michelle at Stylish Steppers and asked:

How exactly do I know if I need a trim?

These are the things she believes one should be on the lookout for:
When your hair feels thin and dry.
My hair has never felt thin a day in its life but I can definitely see that it’s looking a little lackluster in the moisture department
When it knots easily
This is what made me think I might need a trim. My hair tangles a lot just as a general rule but lately I can see literal knots at the ends of my curls

When u find splits on your t-shirt and pillow.
This takes me back to my relaxer days, soooo many little pieces of hair found on my clothes NOT a good look

After at least every second color application.
I don’t dye my hair often so did not even realise the importance of trimming your hair to prevent damage from color applications
When you see that your blow dry does not last as long
Another thing I did not know, I didn’t realise that when your hair goes “home” (like frizzes or poofs up from straight stage) quickly,  you might need a trim

Hi lights should be trimmed at least every 8 weeks to avoid dry n brittle ends.
Highlights can take a toll on your hair and it can show in your ends to get a trim girl
Natural can trim every 8 to 12 weeks to keep curls kinky n defined.

If you have been a curly girl for while, you know a quick trim can literally give you back your bounce

– With all my new found knowledge I am pretty sure I need a trim…hope this checklist helps you decide, to cut or not to cut…. PS. Find a stylist who knows the difference between a trim and “can you rid me of all my hair please”

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