Last chance to win the 23 prize haul

It’s the last day to win our bumper Christmas prize. I thought I would end off the competitions by doing a quick recap of what exactly you can win.¬† Will announce on my facebook page in the morning so you might want to like the page ūüôā

So here’s a quick recap…and for a final entry why not tell me what you like most about my blog and then I can look into including more of what you guys want on the blog in the future.


Rocking Toys ,

Gives you wooden toys. Aidan has agreed to hand over a racing car to the lucky winner of the prize.  It might need to be snuck out in the dead of the night.

Geek World,

Includes two awesome “Breaking Bad” prizes one is a Top Trumps Game and the other a Funko Pop character.


Two discount vouchers to use on the Japsnoet online store where you can purchase stunning kiddies furniture

Mari’s Fudge and Brittle¬†,

The most delicious brittle you have ever tasted…or an empty box and an apology, it depends on my resolve

Little Lotus Kids Yoga, 

A months yoga lessons for your kid with my favourite yogi (and its transferable to your favourite PE kid, in case the winner isn’t local)

The Letter Lady. 

The most beautiful handpainted Elf door.


Six!!! Individual kids stocking stuffers…That is a Monopoly Grab and Go, A Transformer Step one Changer, Transformer blind bag, My little pony toy, Trolls Blind Bag, Playdoh Plus


Our coffee friends are giving you a single cup coffee filter, paper filters, measuring spoon and some coffee (or an empty¬†bag and an apology¬†– it’s tough out here, hahaha)

Koosh Toosh ,

The amazing lounger, it works as a “stocking stuffer” because it comes without pillows. #loophole

Buburoo ,

Healing balm for all those nicks and scratches, we can’t live without ours – a clumsy family these Meyers people here – and it’s only been a week or two.

The Beauty Store ,

The practically magic  Switch and Blend from Dupe which cleans your makeup brushes between applications


An amber necklace for the littlest member of the family

 Gift Emporium  

A slab of seeds to grow your own edible flowers

The Name Company

Christmas tree decorations which you can personalise with your favourite photos


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7 thoughts on “Last chance to win the 23 prize haul

  1. Dané says:

    I love that no matter what you are writing about, you are always honest in your opinions, and that makes you relatable!

  2. Jill Groenewald says:

    I love your blog… it has become part of my daily routine!!!

    I have done almost all your crafts and tried so many of your delicious quick recipes.

    I enjoy all Aiden related blogs and laugh for all his videos.

    I have cried, laughed, been angry (racial posts – nasty adults/kids in the park) and today I am super Excited!

    Your blog deals with serious to light hearted topics and I really enjoy them all!

    Keep It Up!

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