Mid year catch up…life lately

I have not done a life lately post , lately… This is mostly because my life has just felt so up in the air. You know? so neither here nor there.

But here goes…a little mid year oversharing


This is weighing on me the most at the moment. See in September I shared my diabetes  diagnosis with you when I posted the signs I almost missed.The thing is, I was REALLY GOOD so good that my prick tests did not look nearly like that of a diabetic. At the most I could be classed as insulin resistant and health wise I was feeling good. But the thing with feeling healthy is you sort of forget that you aren’t healthy. I had some people make me feel like I was just being dramatic when I turned away sugary things…so it started with okay just one bite, just one sip. Soon I just ate what ever and did what ever.  BAD CALL ELLE! BAD CALL!

Last week I visited the doctor who told me my chest infection had migrated to my ears (serious ear pain as I type this actually) she also sent me for glucose testing because she was nervous seeing my initial finger prick test results. Flash forward and I am at the hospital for three and a half hours to see how my body reacts to sugar, the answer? NOT GOOD! So apart from feeling rather sick and off balance from the ear infection that also kind of makes it feel like my brain is itchy, I am dealing with some really sucky diabetic symptoms .

I have to see doctors and dietitians and people and things, next week, but this time around I am  going to really take it seriously and when I “sort myself out” I am not going to become complacent, because as you can tell that didn’t go to well so far. So yes I am Diabetic and yes I am dealing with it.




So what’s happening? What do you even do for a living? Actually I don’t know. I like to say I am a freelance creative, it ticks enough boxes that I don’t feel too much like I don’t know. I am currently working “full time” for the next three months, standing in for a colleague on maternity leave. That means Monday to Friday. Then I am working on a freelance writing project that has me finding out about import and export and how difficult it is to get through to CEOs on the phone, sheesh. It’s a pretty big one that will keep me busy for those same three months.

Actually the next three months are pretty significant as that is kind of how much time I have to pull a rabbit out of a hat. See I have been asked to play a rather big role in a family fair hosted by the newspaper I work for. The paper is one of the oldest in the country and has quite some clout so this is a biggie! little old me trying to pull together a bunch of entrepreneurs and create a family day for the city is extremely, ridiculously, probably why my immune system is making a run for it, scary BUT it is also such a honour and crazy exciting.

Also hoping the combination of these three things will get me out of the financial slump created by you know…working for myself.




The smoke from the  fires around the city have caused both Rob and Aidy  some chest issues, so they are not feeling too good. Lately, we are really happy though. Trying to figure out this routine thing and trying to get Aidan to attend school without acting like we are leaving him at a concentration camp. Aidan is extremely strong willed, he questions authority,he gets bored so easily and he is such a perfectionist that it is affecting his social interactions and especially his school life.

He started play therapy yesterday and we hope to find a game plan around this. I want to know how to handle this 16 year old in a four year old’s body. The faux teen who refuses to bring his art work home from school because he doesn’t think it is good enough. He  asked me not to put a picture he drew  on the fridge because “it is garbage” and says everything and everyone is boring.


What am I watching and reading

Lately I read mostly blog posts and research for the writing assignment I am working on. I am watching a lot of Netflix and I am currently soooooo into Jane the Virgin, late to the party I know.

I am forcing myself to work withing my “working hours” I clock in at 7am do all the blogging and the event planning and then end my day at 5pm. I get home at 6pm, then from 6 to 7, Rob cooks and Aidan and myself do “homework” I give him a task while I edit articles and things for the project I am working on. Then 7pm I switch off and spend time with my boys. This means we eat at 7pm but that’s just how it is. We get home too late to have it any other way.

The thing I am most proud of is being able to not have to work after 7pm. It was taking a toll on family time. I am going to have to fit some exercise into this schedule of mine but for now all I can muster is some weekend activity.




So much work, oh so much work…

Helping Aidan and just keep on keeping on…that’s me



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  1. Ruth-Mandy says:

    Our lives sound like a same at the moment, after prayer this morning Jaz asked me why I ask for energy from God when I can get it from food! Hope u’ll have a very productive day <3

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