Life lately: reviving the blog

So I have not blogged in a bit.

Life happened and then it just kept on happening, in all its happening glory.

But according to my stats, people kept checking in (on the blog) anyway and that made me feel

1. flattered 2. confused 3. guilty that I had not posted here in ages (5 months)

So here I am with an update:

  1. Career – I now work for a company called SEEN which used to be called hashtag our stories. We are a mobile journalism company that helps people get their stories out for the world to see. My primary job is to make sure those stories are factually accurate and easy to understand. The team I work with is so passionate and smart and talented and so damn nice (and young, I’m prob one of the eldest people here – just being an elder millennial in a sea of Gen Z)

2. Health – I feel like, do I even want to share this, but I started sharing it so for those of you who were wondering, what episode of Grey’s Anatomy I am currently filming (even have a highlight reel on insta). I’m hypertensive (like shockingly so), I have Type 2 Diabetes with lipid abnormalities, this has affected my liver, where I have NAFLD anyways. I have osteoarthritis, my specialist says it’s inflammatory but my biokineticist said it was degenerative, I just say it hurts in the cold. I have atrophic gastritis which means my stomach lining is super messed up and this is causing malabsorption of vitamins and things (esp iron and vit b) then there seems to be something up with my adrenal glands, not super sure cause the test results keep varying so much. This all affects my mental health because I have GAD and MDD. My main ailments, however, seem to be severe anaemia (like random blood transfusions bad), chronic pain and fatigue and exercise intolerance (i thought this was fake, apparently it isn’t also my body thinks walking through a mall is exercise) stomach trouble and my diabetes was super controlled hey, but now I’m prone to hypoglycemic episodes like my blood sugar is suddenly too low for even machine to detect, and honestly, I don’t even know.

3. Side Hustles – With my health being what it is and me taking on a full-time job, I stopped my side businesses. However, I do still do feature writing and press releases and that sort of thing from time to time when asked – you know, to fund my lavish lifestyle (which is coffee and art supplies)

4. Blog? – I realised that I did not want to be an influencer, or more accurately I did not want to fail at being an influencer anymore. So I took a break and I just started posting whatever I wanted, what made me happy and just playing around with video editing, without thinking about what brands thought, what other bloggers thought, and generally about fitting in. So while I was missing here I was pretty accounted for on social media, I’ve rekindled my love of food, art and DIY recently and that is what you will find on my social media. please do pop in on INSTAGRAM especially.

5. EXTRAS – I (personal account) was hacked and deleted off FB, such a hassle (save your pics kids). But now my blog FB page doesn’t have an owner and Facebook has not been too good at getting back to me. I can still post on my stories there though, super random. Also, I am very into art lately, meaning sketching, painting and even embroidery… it started because my health asks for bed rest (and hospital visits) and my mind needs to be kept busy, so I tried my hand at painting in acrylic, then watercolour, then sketching and it’s my happy place lately.

— okay now that we are all caught up, keep an eye on the blog I will be posting rants (see above) recipes, DIYs and reviews again because quite frankly I like it (also every now and again brands give me treats, soooo, welcome back Ella)

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