My 5 must have natural hair accessories

With my shorter hair I have had to learn to adjust my styling technique. But my natural hair accessories have basically stayed the same from day one.

Through the transition phase, the long curls and now my second chop….these natural hair accessories have been my MVPs

The natural hair accessories I can’t live without…

1. Detangling brush…

I have extremely tangley hair so I need to detangle in the shower with conditioner and a very specific brush. This one works for the short hair but I find that the round flat ones with finger clip works better when my hair was longer, either way, a detangler is a must.

2. Clips and ties

Although I seem to always be misplacing hair clips and hair ties, I can’t live without them – I’m probably going to open up a cupboard one day and be buried in an avalanche of clips. These are a must to tame and style your hair.

3. Head band

Especially on the hot days, you can put your hair out of your face or double up the band to create a pineapple (pineapple like thing, when your hair is shorter)…. This thing has saved me from looking awful more often than I’d care to admit. I also have a few made from cut off stockings and I know I’m not the only one.

4. Scarf

I use a scarf for two things. To style my hair especially when the curls arent all playing the same game here and to tie around my head if I don’t have my satin bonnet*. I’m such a scarf girl even before I started doing my hair natural you would find me in a scarf.

5. Curl reviving spray

I know some people make their own but I have found the BLM spray to be perfect for my needs. It gives some shine and wakes up the curls without being product heavy….

– which natural hair accessories could you not live without?

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