My accidental hair win with BLM Naturals

What is BLM Naturals? Well, Black Like Me has always made me think relaxer/perm/straightener. Have I ever used BLM products? Nope, but you don’t have to use Dawn to know that it’s synonymous with a body lotion. So when I heard they had gone natural I rolled my eyes almost as much as I do when people insinuate that my hair is a “trend thing”. NO GURL I looked like this way before looking like this was cool…anyhow

I saw one of my favourite South African hair bloggers (Sean goes natural) talk about how great the BLM Naturals curling pudding is and I thought I would try it out, since her hair is the closest to mine found on the interwebs. Also it’s like R40 a tub which is literally less than half of what I usually pay for curling products and we all know I like to save money. So I go to Clicks and grab the pudding, only I didn’t

Actually, I grabbed the conditioner(easy mistake, as you can see above, don’t let the obvious colour thing trick you, it’s an easy mistake) a fact that only occurred to me as I stepped out of the shower on Christmas morning. With no alternative at hand, I shingled… If you don’t know what shingling is, feel free to watch the video below, if you do know just skip it…

I shingled and hoped for the best, and the best is what I got, the conditioner was totally doing the most, in a good way. The curls were popping on Christmas day and the next day as well. In fact, a quick spritz of the BLM Naturals Curl Wake-Up Hydrating spray meant I could wear my curls the whole week, with it only going under a scarf on day four.

I don’t recommend the conditioner as an “everyday” – because, build up – but judging by the curl – popage and how soft it was when I washed it out, I have HIGH HIGH hopes for the pudding. I have not been able to track it down in the shops yet. Cleary the BLM Naturals secret is out and the local Natties are beating me to the punch.

I will be back with a review of the pudding once I find it but for now, the conditioner and wake up spray are a win 🙂

Have you dried the BLM Naturals range? what do you think?

5 thoughts on “My accidental hair win with BLM Naturals

  1. Grace says:

    I had really bad denduff I tried the shampoo, pudding, conditioner and the spray I must admit it works magic I suffered for a long time with hair growth just after a few weeks my hair has grown so much I’m completely happy with the results I hope people who also suffer like I did try it out.

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