New Girl

Yesterday I realised just how much my life has changed…when exactly did this occur to me? Was it after I checked that my accessories not only matched my outfit but were baby safe too (he tugs on things and has a habit of rubbing his face on my chest regardless of what I'm wearing) or maybe when we were at the beachfront and he put up such a fuss that people were staring at me with either looks of "shame I remember that" or "control your child!" plastered on their faces (his cries also made me lactate all over my top-oh joy!) or maybe it was when I was breast feeding a half naked baby in a parking lot because the expressed milk was too little and he was making his hunger known along with the fact that he didn't appreciate the warmth of his fleece onsie…

I think it actually occurred to me after we got home and what felt like hours of kicking and screaming and scratching (fighting sleep). It happened after his nap (a long blink really) when I heard cooing coming from his crib and he looked at me with biggest smile on his face, that is when I realised my life has certainly changed, but I didn't mind one bit, I would appreciate a shower that lasts longer than time it takes to get water 'just right' and for once not eat a meal like I was taking part in a competition also maybe some time to do my nails… but truth be told I wouldn't trade "right now" for the world 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hehe! And here I am waiting for the pics of the "new you" as mentioned in a blog a few days ago…the mommy with the heels?! And now you dont have time to paint your nails? Thought that was the new you! It's all fun lady and passes by so quickly! Have fun!

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