Why I like the New Year New Me Cr*p

I like all the new year new me things! There, I said it! I do.

Judging by my social media feed I am in the minority when it comes to this, most people find resolutions, really annoying and could not roll their eyes any further if they physically tried.

new year

I like it though and here is why


  • I love the feeling of possibility that comes with a new year, the I CAN DO THIS!
  • I feel the same about Monday’s actually as I have said previously in 2015 and 2016
  • So many new starts, maybe this year you’ll take that short course you’ve been looking at…Shaw Academy actually has some awesome free courses at the moment CHECK THEM OUT 
  • Maybe this you will stick to that diet or wear gym clothes for more than a fashion statement
  • Gyms are once again full with people wanting to give it a go and that’s awesome
  • I realise the real gym people (those who used dumbbells as rattles in the crib) are super irritated by the newbies hanging out around the gym, but I think it’s cool
  • Lunch boxes are filled with health food and water bottles are all the rage again, and that’s a start, I think
  • I’m grown, married, kid, bills, the lot, but new stationery makes me really happy
  • A new year means a new diary, some markers, maybe a dry erase board
  • I don’t really NEED new stationery but you know what, I deserve a gel pen hahahaha

This year my resolution is to be kinder to myself, that was actually the topic of my last column for MyHeraldLive. This year I want to give myself some down time…I’m not taking on as much as I used to , I am scheduling a day off here and there and I even bought new running shoes (walking , lets be honest) There are many changes on the horizon and I’m optimistic!

What are you optimistic about?


8 thoughts on “Why I like the New Year New Me Cr*p

  1. Venean Bosch says:

    I too LOVE new stationary and it’s why I love buying for Emilie lol! We are the same about newness… It feels like a clean slate to start something courageous! I have a few things up my sleeve too but mostly I’m excited to just be better than I was in 2016!!

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