Pizza and wine in Uitenhage (Kariega) – Big Vic’s pizzeria

Introducing Big Vic’s pizzeria right here in my hometown of Uitenhage(Kariega). Pre-covid (pre Uitenhage being called Kariega even, aka 2019) I used to do restaurant reviews all the time, but since we haven’t ventured out much, I haven’t had opinions to share. While accepting the “new normal” and wanting to promote local I thought I’d share a brand new spot in town, perfect for date night or girls night out.

Big Vic’s pizzeria is the second Big Vic in town (I feel like they missed the chance to call it Little Vic’s, just saying). The other one being more of a family steak house which has become our extended family’s unofficial birthday hangout… “we’re going to celebrate, so and so’s bday at Big Vic’s at 7, let me know if you can make it”.



They have the cutest set-up, gives me Italian bistro vibes. The video of me accidentally pushing over a potplant (INSTA TIKTOK) was actually filmed in their quaint little courtyard. They have the prettiest, understated decor, furniture and light fittings which somehow scream “instagramable night out” also they adhere to covid regulations (super important here in 2021). It’s situated at what used to be called VJs for the locals,


Despite being pretty new, the service is quite up to scratch. Friendly faces (as much as masks would allow) all around, which you guys know is very important to me. I don’t go back to places where I get “a vibe”. If you treat me like I’m an inconvenience or if I sense tension among the staff my anxious little heart just cant take it.


This is a pizzeria and the menu tells you that quite clearly. They focus on three main menu items with various variations thereof. You get the pizza section with everything from the most basic cheese and garlic to the over the top, (but I’m told), super delicious, everything but the kitchen sink. Seriously, one pizza has four different types of meat involved. The same goes for their list of subs. What got my attention was the loaded fries. The loaded fries here are incredible I’m talking prawns, burger style, pizza style, the selection is quite diverse. I will admit that the fries sounded “too much” at first, I expected it to be too rich, but that was not the case, even for me and my love of “clean, not too saucy” eating. I feel like it is probably because they use melted mozzarella and not overly processed cheese sauce (I might be wrong). My cousins and I did the pizza thing, but pretty recently my mom and aunts visited for their breakfast and they were quite happy. My mom especially liked the outdoor seating – she’s not a big eater but likes places with a good atmosphere.


Big Vic’s in Uitenhage is known for their GENEROUS portion sizes, you are incredibly likely to need a takeaway box when eating there. The pizzeria is no different. I went with my two cousins and between the three of us we had a pizza, a loaded fries and a bottle of wine and our bill was a super low R350. how even is that possible? especially since we could not finish our meal and left there stuffed! Pizzas are around R100 each while subs and chips are between R60 and R130


We are going back. Well firstly I want to take Rob on a date night but going forward I think my cousins and I might just become regulars there, for sure…if they let me after my plant encounter

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