Win a Popsiebelle Easter Surprise

Aidan has been playing with some Popsiebelle products and so could you.

In honour of Easter weekend Popsiebelle is giving away a Mr and a  Miss Hoppet, one for little a boy and one for a little girl 🙂  (You guys  know I don’t  care about gender norms so if a boy wants Miss Hoppit, that works too)

When I first started chatting to the owner of Popsiebelle, Ingrid Frauenstein , neither of us knew that we were chatting from the same city, Port Elizabeth. Once we figured that out, we met over coffee and totally clicked. The ridiculously talented, Ingrid (she conceptualises, draws and designs everything herself) and I chatted about the importance of playtime and imagination and I learned about the origins of Popsiebelle

Where it started

The toy range comes from Ingrid’s love of imaginative play and story telling. She wanted to create a brand which was in a way “open ended”. The books would have no words so they could tell their own stories, the plush animals would be completely different from the mainstream ones and would have no “shop bought” characteristics so children could add their own. Quirky creatures and bright colours would be the order of the day.

“Our brand aims to inspire children to develop and grow their imaginations using the Popsiebelle characters as a platform. The goal is for children to create their own stories and worlds from our characters, thereby promoting creative thinking from a young age. ”



Ingrid’s daughter is the inspiration behind the Popsiebelle brand. Her toddler mispronunciation of words created many character names and her imagination shaped characters and stories.

“Her mispronunciation contributed to creating the Popsiebelle name, we were living in Canada and she used to call a popsicle a “poxibelle“ and so with a slight adjustment, the name Popsiebelle was born.”

What can you find in the range

The brand consists of the following (Click on the product and you can find out more)

What we thought

Initially, I wasn’t sure what to think…The products are stunning and really well made but could it be anything more than a pretty add-on to your child’s room. Would a kid really be able to interact and play with it? I couldn’t see how a kid would enjoy a book with no words or a concept such as a monster catcher or even a blank notebook no matter how beautiful it was.

Turns out, that is because I am a boring adult! When did I become so old, no wonder my imaginary friends don’t hang out anymore.

The boys took to it immediately. Giving the characters names and telling stories. The Plush book gave the boys the opportunity to tell their own stories and kept them quiet for quite a while (anything that keeps them quiet is a major win) But then Caleb grabbed the book and made a run for it:

Sooo glad @popsiebelle products are washable because I’m not really sure where he is headed with the book

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Luckily Aidan was distracted by his monster catching kit, a kit with a spray bottle which an adult fills with a “magical solution” like water with a few drops of lavender to help them relax, a pillowcase and a box which catches any stray monsters in the room.

He also received a notebook which I was not too sure how he would react to, but to date, the book is filled with stickers, stamps and “notes” because he is in a magician/scientist phase. He was really chuffed with it but don’t take my word for it, check out this video we made after letting him play with the toys for a bit.



If you think your kid would like to win a Popsiebelle surprise, use the entry form below and show them some love on facebook, you can subscribe to my blog for an extra entry (and because you love me)




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