Quick little Easter treat boxes

So maybe, just maybe, Easter kinda sprung up on me this year…It was Aidan’s birthday, big changes career wise, a few unfortunate happenings and just not enough hours in the day…
So when it dawned on me that I had not yet created anything Eastery for Aidan and his friends I needed something quick yet cute…This is what I came up with 🙂

Easter Treat boxes from rather un-eastery things


– sundae container (left over from my birthday, bought them from makro in a pack of 25)
– paper plate
– gel pen
– scissors
– treats (aidan is not big on easter eggs or eating as a whole really so opted for things he has shown interest in)


– cut ears out of paper plate (any cardboard really) and decorate with pen
– make little snack-sized portions of sweets (yes I let him eat sugar – sis on me –  but I’m big on portion control {or is that small on?} so that should count for something right?)
– fill sundae container with little packs of sweets and one main thing, next time it will be a toy – today it is marshmallow easter eggs for Aidy buds and a kinder joy for him because he doesn’t like marshmallows {which child doesn’t like marshmallows? or kinder joy as it turns out}
– put lid on and stick on ears
– hope sweets will distract from awkward ears and there you have your Easter treat boxes

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