R600 DIY room make-over with Prominent Paints

This was never going to be a budget room make-over that was not the point. But when you look at the economy right now, budget is kind of the point.

A few weeks ago Prominent Paints asked if I had any DIY projects I was working on, which with me is a given, there is never not a project I’m working on. The thing is however… I like quick jobies and painting a room was not high on my “things I’d like to do on Saturday list” BUT! it was on my things I need to do list, so I said heck yes lets do a project…

You see as kids do, Aidan had infiltrated our room..see below, notice how there’s a random plastic table and superhero plush in there? note how nothing matches because who even cares at this point…

On further investigation notice how this child has used my wall for his art work and how no amount of scrubbing has helped?

Well that’s when I decided to rope the boys in and do a bit of an room make-over…We were going to give the illusion of a grownups living there if it killed us…

The guys at Prominent paint were great, and I am not just saying that because they gave me a voucher for paint. But honestly I went down to the Port Elizabeth branch and was met with such great service. They gave tips, without patronising us, and helped kit us out with everything we needed to paint the room – We went for the Evolve range of paints in Stone Wash jeans and Cloud Mist (Names I would have given my kids if I was a Hippie in the 70s) … Prominent Paints has so many awesome options, many under their own brand and the sales assistants are eager to help you.

The paint we chose  is 100% lead free, has 0% solvents, zero Voc ( Voc is the solvents that get released into the air as the paint dries, the lack of this is really a bonus for us as both Rob and Aidan struggle with respiratory issues and they were going to do all the heavy lifting in this project)  the paint is also 70% organic…I am a fan! also it’s on sale at the PE branch right now, I got a bunch of things for R750 but since I still have like 4litres of paint at home as well as a roller set I subtracted the cost from the R500 budget…

So armed with like R480 worth of supplies I then stopped over at the material shop because if I am going to DIY I am going to DIY right. This material was on sale at R19 a metre I KNOW RIGHT!!! so I bought 5m like a boss, STRAIGHT UP BALLING! hahaha (I am not hip)

Anyway I got to work sewing pillow cases and a little throw to match my walls  (compliment more than match)

We used the Prominent Paint Tips  to paint our room (Rob used them)

  • Ensured the surface was free from debris, dust and oil and that a suitable primer was used.
  • Cleaned the equipment
  • And waited out the re-coating time – this was easy as the house wasn’t a fumy mess

So here you have it our final room make-over  result…I even brought in my terrarium for a added, grown up feel. Also I just brought it in from my craft space and then a extra little potplant from the lounge so that was practically free 🙂


What do you think?

*As I’m sure you gathered,  I received product in exchange for this post

4 thoughts on “R600 DIY room make-over with Prominent Paints

  1. Andrea Thomas says:

    Looks beautiful! Talented! Making your own bedding! Let me put it out there….. I have a desire to learn to sew for the past 2 years now !

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