When I was younger I never got the fuss about sleeping “at a decent hour” in my pre-teen years I’d “go to bed” only to spend the night reading under the covers…high school I discovered the internet and the fact that I could get away with even less sleep, as a student I was often up the whole night studying or partying, days could go by without sleep and I’d be fine – well sorta.
What’s the point of my rambling? Well, this;  I can’t sleep and it’s not fine…I pass out on the couch or in the car (not while driving naturally) at random intervals or I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling too tired to move, but I hardly every SLEEP SLEEP! Friends and even my doctor smile and say that it is my body’s way of getting ready for the pajama drill……I think my body should actually be trying to score as much sleep “while it still can” instead I lay there flopping and flipping (as much as you can at my current size) like a goldfish that has fallen out of it’s tank…
The lack of sleep doesn’t only make me feel and look like the walking dead I feel like it’s making me THE WORST FRIEND EVER!
I miss appointments (probably because I did one of my random pass outs) I can’t hold a conversation (as I can’t concentrate on anything for longer than five minutes) I forget important dates/events, I haven’t crafted a little gift for anyone  or baked or made anything in such a long time in fact I haven’t blogged since last Wednesday….
and when it comes to life at home I’m more thankful for Robin than ever before….He cooks so that we don’t have to live on toast and water and cleans so that we don’t end up on hoarders…
I’m exhausted people! Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I complaining about this pregnancy, I realise that most cases like my own end up in death or hysterectomy so I am extremely lucky to be pregnant at the moment….what I am saying is HOW DID I TAKE SLEEP FOR GRANTED ALL THESE YEARS?!
Also…when did I become such a grouch, I have no patience and my sense of humor is fading fast, in the words of my friend Sal, “I’m losing my personality”
I think I’m going to try every “pregnancy safe” insomnia remedy available from tonight on because I miss having more brain power than ……. Omw I cant even think of something witty…. The point is I need to do something about my current state as I have just under 5 weeks left at work and will need to be awake for them 😉
have a great week all , thanx for popping in J


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