How smart is your washing machine? (LG Smart Inverter review)

LG sent me a washing machine because my prayers for a new fridge must have been auto corrected (hehehe, joking, not joking). But in all honesty, when they asked me if I wanted to review the new Sapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter two things went through my mind.

1. MAMMA I MADE IT!!! LG knows who I am

2. How does one even test out a washing machine?

The machine arrived and it is stunning! good thing it’s stunning since my 15kg machine takes up most of the space in my kitchen…so as the newly elected centerpiece of the room I’m glad that I opted for the silver machine with its beautiful display and glass lid. It’s pretty streamlined, I just have a small kitchen and it’s replacing a tiny “three pairs of pants at a time” machine so the size difference is noticeable.

So what did this happy homemaker think of her new fancy toy?

If you have read my blog or follow me on social media you would know the happy homemaker thing is facetious, I’m never happy while “homemaking” but this is like the smartphone of the cleaning appliances so I was intrigued:

Firstly, as a child to an electrician, my dad has always been super serious about not wasting electricity so it really helps that this machine boosts Energy Saving with Smart Inverter Contol. This means that it uses Smart Inverter Technology to eliminate wasted operation by efficiently controlling energy use. Apparently, you save 36% on energy consumption and even my dad is impressed. In addition, it has Standby Power Save which means extremely little electricity will run through the machine if you happen to forget to switch off the plug. To me, that relates to saving money because electricity prices are no laughing matter.

Oh, and if there’s a power failure it will continue where it left off as soon as Eskom gets it’s act together.Kind of like Netflix but with underpants.

I like that the machine is basically a robot that can figure things out for itself, so I don’t have to learn fancy algorithms just to switch it on. The control panel is super self-explanatory as you can see in the picture. It also uses Smart Motion (three kinds of motions created by Smart Inverter for optimized washing by fabric type.) So your machine will be tough on the material that needs tough love and gentle on material that needs it – Like a great guidance counselor.

Then there’s the TurboDrum™ which enables the most powerful wash and removes even the toughest dirt through strong water stream of rotating drum and pulsator in the opposite direction. This means you don’t have to pre-soak, beat with a stick, or pray to the high heavens, you just toss the clothes in the machine, select pre-wash and it does its thing.

It does it’s thing while being aware of water usage which is great especially for a top loader. Depending on how much clothes you have in there it will fill itself with just enough water, which is great (still a good idea to save the water it pumps out after though – as with all machines – because the water restrictions are not there to annoy you, the struggle is REAL)

Other factors that I’m loving is how quiet this thing is! it operates at 45db while the recommended level for  libraries are  40db, that is insane! what’s even more insane is that it will speak to the customer care people itself, hahaha, okay not really, but if something goes wrong, there is an app and a setting that allows you to call customer care, then have the phone listen to the sounds the machine makes and diagnose your problem. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

It has a timer so I toss clothes in throughout the week (the colour stuff mostly) and then on the days I have a helper coming in, I will set it to wash just before she gets in so, she will just hang up and this has really streamlined the process because I need simplicity in my life 🙂

I’m quite a fan of the machine – first mops then washing machines, who am I even? If you wan’t to find out more, visit their site and PE peeps, I did a search and it is available in the city so yeah for not being left out (for a change)

*Disclaimer, I received a washing machine to review BUT as always the views are all my own

3 thoughts on “How smart is your washing machine? (LG Smart Inverter review)

  1. Siobhan Yeatman says:

    Sounds like an absolute gem of a household machine! I was lucky enough to receive one too, but it still needs to get linked up – I’m ITCHING to get testing, hubby works in transport so is constantly covered in grease or mud or dirt of some kind!

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