Snap Ships – according to an eight-year-old

Snap Ships Build to Battle is the latest name in building systems and we got the chance to test it out and share our views…When I say we, I mean my eight-year-old who played with it and is here to give the pros and cons of this versatile building system.

You can see his unboxing HERE and I’m not sure who is braver, me or the people over at Snap Ship, who specifically asked for Aidan to review it, knowing that he is 100% honest all the time (even when I’d prefer him not to be).

PROS of Snap Ships according to Aidy

  • It’s really cool because you can make more than one type of toy with it
  • The instructions are easy to follow
  • You don’t need batteries so can get started right away
  • Parts snap in easily
  • Your build doesn’t break easily
  • Looks cool, like real space ships
  • There are surprise extras like characters and weapons
  • There is a snapping tool that makes it easy to take apart, I wish other building toys had that
  • Reminds me of my kids’ engineering classes
  • It’s fun enough for parents to play with you, but not too difficult to do alone
  • If you’re done building you can actually play with it, it has working weapons and movable parts, so. It’s not just a decoration

CONS according to Aidy

  • Some snaps are hard to do
  • Small parts can go missing especially if you have younger siblings or cousins who want to help
  • Parts aren’t organised, it’s just in a bag so you have to look for it and match things up with the pictures, that’s annoying
  • The big ship falls off the stand that you get with it, I don’t know how to get it to stand without asking an adult to help


Another cool aspect to this series of toys is that you can watch the series and discover the backstory on their YouTube channel, find out about the characters and get to know the creators. They also have an awesome interactive app for iOS and Android that features easy-to-follow build instructions. The really cool part is that Life-size digital versions of the crafts come to life in the app and can be summoned into the real world with AR.

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