Make a trendy t-shirt scarf

Want to make a t-shirt scarf? the ones you see everywhere? well they are actually super easy to make…

t-shirt scarf

MAKE YOUR t-shirt scarf

  1. You will need an old t-shirt, scissors and ribbon
  2. Cut under the sleeves and also cut off the bottom seam, this should leave you with a cylinder of fabric
  3.  Cut strips, making sure you don’t cut all the way through (should be strips hanging off side seam)
  4. Stretch the t-shirt, the individual strips need to be stretched so they form little round tubes instead of you looking like you are creating a mummy costume
  5. After stretching gather the seam in your hand (the part you didn’t cut through) and then wrap with ribbon of your choice, you can put left and right seams together for this step to make a chunkier shorter scarf



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