Tips for DIY box braids

So I tried my hand at DIY box braids and have been really proud of the results. You know how you are compelled to tell people when your skirt or dress has pockets? That’s been me with this hair…”Eleanor I like your hair” …thank you, they are DIY box braids and I DIY’d it myself , Jip I DIM’d it.

I’ve had my hair braided a lot over the year’s and I’ve always liked the look,I actually wanted braids at my wedding but people always think natural hair is some political statement so ended up no doing it. Anyway I was in the mood for a protective style again after years (pre mom days) and my own mom was not keen to do it this time so I googled diy box braids and like I said , I’m pleased at punch with the results.

So what tips do I have for people wanting to DIY box braids?

First you should know I used the elastic band method from this video. It uses little elastic bands to make tiny ponytails all over your head and the braids are then attached to that. It makes it much easier to install and there is virtually no tension on my head. No wet cloth sleeping for this girl (it’s a thing, ask your friends who do braids often)

1. Research

Google with words like “easy” ,”for dummies” ,”let’s assume I’m an idiot” . And watch videos of people with similar hair. Take note of products and tools.

2. Have time

It took me 9 episodes of full house to finish my hair and I only have 33 braids. It takes time so don’t do this with the boyfriend waiting in the car.

3. Buy extra hair

I used four bags but quite frankly , five would have left me with more wiggle room. At the end there I was treating the last few strands like gold, or even more precious…petrol in the SA economy.

4. It doesn’t have to be expensive

I picked up all my supplies at Pep stores. The hair was R11 a bag (I went with cheapest they had in case I messed it up) luckily I know experts and my hair diy queen buddy Miriam told me that the cheap hair would work just as well.

5. Protect your own hair

This is a protective style so remember to protect your own hair, it’s right there in the name. When I combed out my hair before the little ponytails I used marrocan hair oil and I made the little ponytails with shea butter to seal in moisture and my husbands hair gel (he decided he hates it and would be better off with wax so score!) to smooth down those edges.

6. Beware the mess

Strands of hair ended up absolutely everywhere!!! I practically threw away a whole packet afterwards and Aidan found some in his toy box (I put it in an eco brick because I don’t reckon it will biodegrade)

I had a blast and am attempting to keep it in for two weeks and then “let it fro” before trying a new protective style. I have my eye on Miriams halo braids for our #ecmeetup

2 thoughts on “Tips for DIY box braids

  1. Celeste says:

    I usually use the elastic band method for my crochet braids. Works a charm every time. I can never keep it in for more than a day. My head is not used to extra weight of braids but it’s so cool and I figure it’s little money and I diy so I don’t have a problem removing it again.

    It’s great that you make eco bricks too. We are all about being eco warriors over here too.

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