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I might not come across as the most organised person in the world, I have an arty farty air about me, and that’s cool, but truth be told, I am very organised. I have to be, otherwise I would not be able to work in an office  half the week, while blogging almost daily, hosting events and freelance writing, there would also be zero time for crafting. Also throw in the mom and wife things and living almost an hour from the office, and you best believe my time management skills are almost on par with my sarcasm skills.

more organised

Most of my life organisation happens on a Sunday afternoon and these five tips have been a game changer…

Food prep

We don’t get the chance to cook ahead as much as we used to, due to a problem with freezer space. We do save time by doing basic meal prep however. Cooking a big pot of wild rice/lentils/barley anything that can be stored and reheated at mealtime. This means we can throw lunch together quite easily. Mix some tuna with wild rice, some feta into your barley, chicken into you lentils; you will be amazed at how much time you save.

For Aidan I do snack packs. We have been using the Lunch Box service lately, but usually I will buy snacks every two weeks and then make little packs out of it. Little containers of mini cookies, dried fruit, crackers, cream cheese blocks, apple slices (soaking apple slices in salt water keeps them from going brown) I use a specific drawer in the fridge and one in the cupboard and this allows Aidy to pick his snacks for the day. He is a really picky eater so we make up lunch boxes like this on weekends as well, so we are never stuck with “nothing in the whole world for me to eat”

Weekly Outfits

We leave home very early every morning, and I need to drop Aidan prepped and ready to go by six (my mom takes him to school and he often arrives at her place still asleep). To make a dressed and packed kid  even remotely possible I need to get organised on a Sunday afternoon.  I have a cardboard shelf in his room which I use to pack daily outfits. I do the whole thing, undies, shoes (he has a lot of shoes, all the same size-don’t know how this happened, but best believe we are getting our wear out of it by wearing a different pair each day) and outfit. Sometimes I will need to change a top or pants in the morning due to the weather, but in general this has been an awesome help.

Calendar comparison

Aidan, myself and Rob have different things that need to be done in the week. So on a Sunday I like to collate things. I use a black board to jot down the super important things for us to see as we go about our day, but mostly I just fit their things into my diary and use a different highlighter for each of us . This way I know at a glance that Aidan has some sort of dress up or show up day at school, Rob is out of town chasing criminals and I have probably double booked myself.

Work schedule

I do not have a full time job. I work freelance at my previous employer and I do events and freelance writing, so on a Sunday I make sure to jot down which appointments I have, and what is needed from me in the way of deadlines. I also check if any payments have come in over the course of the week and whether I need to invoice anyone.

Blog catch up

This is also when I look at my blog ideas and see if any pictures/videos need to be done in the coming week, and I will schedule it in. This is where the colour pens and highlighters come in super handy. I blog on four basic things:Family, Hair, DIY, Reviews… each of these are allocated a colour and I know where to slot it into my week, in my unofficial schedule. During the week I will jot down any ideas or collaborations but on a Sunday I will fit it into my diary for the next week as some things are time sensitive.

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This is how I keep my ish together and stay organized…Do comment if you have any ideas and enter the awesome Stabilo Boss competition, because the prize is awesome, they have these new stunning pastel colours in highlighters, markers and pens and you can win a hamper.

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