Update from this side of the world…

I’m writing this update with the assumption that somewhere out there someone give a fresh fig about what’s going on in my life…I mean you totally care right?

I’m going to do it like my product reviews… The good, the bad, the meh… So here goes.

The good…

– I feel guilty for saying this, but, thinking of the good took me a second. Then I remembered the goodest of the good: On my birthday last month we got amazing news… My aunt Carol’s cancer is gone! No more chemo!!! With my Godmother’s passing (aunt Carol’s sister – my dad’s sister too btw) still fresh in our minds it’s been a tough ride so we are all feeling beyond blessed.

Aidan’s birthday party went really well and it has made us think about ways to reduce waste in our day to day
– It’s #ecmeetup time soon!!! Luchae and I are hard at work putting things together and this time around we are partnering with Fairview race course and Petronella fine dining and catering (amongst a bunch more brands) to bring local bloggers an amazing conference. This will be Megan Botha from By Megan Kelly’s last talk/lesson before she leaves us for South America and we have Travelstart‘s Lyle Scritten coming here to share knowledge, it’s all VERY EXCITING
– I’m by no means skinny and fit now BUT my lazy girl fitness and Herbalife lifestyle seem to be working I mean I even climbed a wall people, a wall.
– We have a double date weekend to look forward to. I’m not sure if this is a thing but it’s about to be. You know how you see these competitions where you can bring friends? Well a friend won one of those and Rob and I are the friends they are bringing, how cool is that’s and flattering because it’s not like they are at a loss for friends. It will be the first weekend away from Aidy though so it should be interesting.
– I have some exciting colabs coming on the blog
– My sister’s wedding is in 39 days
– So grateful that people I’ve been praying for (about getting jobs mostly) have finally received some positive answers

The Bad

– Honestly, I have nothing extremely bad to update,  except that a good friend has been diagnosed with cancer which really sucks, deeply,  I just wish I could do more for her.
– My writing gigs have dried up some so now it’s a bit of a financial chasing of the carrot situation. Like I’m working a lot more to cover the deficit which is exhausting. But hey I’m blessed that I have the option.

The Meh

– I’ve been feeling bleugh about my blog (this isn’t as much an update as it is a statement) like does anyone even read this? am I writing this into the blue yonder? Does anyone even care about what I have to say? Please comment, share, DM me even if you just want to chat, make me feel less like I’m talking into the great unknown.
– How am I never not busy? I used to read and nap and just stare off into the distance without mentally making lists and budgets… I miss that, I miss being bored
– I was kinda hoping I’d be skinnier for my sisters wedding but nothing as extreme as I had hoped as occurred

That’s me for now…
Keep an eye on the blog for competitions and reviews coming soon…

15 thoughts on “Update from this side of the world…

  1. Kerry says:

    I am so glad to hear that your Aunt is clear – cancer is SO difficult to go through and I am really sorry that your friend has been diagnosed. Hopefully in a while she will be added to “the good” for being clear.
    I am looking forward to seeing the collaborations – these are always exciting!
    I love your blog so don’t ever doubt yourself. Just keep being you and kicking ass!

  2. Odette Parfitt says:

    I’m going to put “I miss being bored” on a T-shirt. And then I’m going to make being bored one of my New Year’s resolutions…is it too late to start making resolutions??

  3. Shaveh says:

    It’s amazing that a lot of peeps are feeling pretty “meh” about their blogs. I think your voice is fun and interesting and read more than you know. But here’s to getting the “mojo” back and loving our spaces for what we are and about. <3

  4. Sandisiwe says:

    Hey lovely lady ever so glad that your aunty is cancer free best news ever. When is the ecmeetup I get the feeling its next weekend? I want to be there do not want to miss it at all I have just been out of touch recently

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