washi tape glass magnet DIY

If you are stuck for a cute gift idea, this is definitely a go to
It’s cheap, easy and looks so pretty. I made mine with double sided tape and two weeks later it’s still on the fridge BUT if you want to make sure of durability I suggest replacing the double sided tape with modge podge.

What you need

– Glass stones from the garden or craft section of most stores – these are Mr Price Home

– Washi tape (this is a great way to use up those last pieces of tape)
– Double sided tape or modge podge
– Glue
– Magnets
– Exacto knife
– paper

What you do

Stick down a piece of washi tape onto your paper
Cut the paper, and place double sided tape on the picture side
You can skip the double sided tape and modge podge the picture onto the glass stone
If you double sided taped it on now is the time to trim off excess
If you modge podge you would want to trim before glueing
Now just glue on a magnet… and leave to dry
You should be left with pretty magnets like this…
They are much prettier in real life, the flash from my camera just seems to refract badly

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