What I learnt at the cacao ceremony

I attended a cacao ceremony and here is what I learnt

The following things aren’t necessarily what everyone walked away with. Everyone has a different experience at these things but for me, this stood out.

The cacao ceremony was hosted by green fairy. Veronica (the green fairy herself) is a bubbly healer who has a way of making you connect with yourself even if you’re not strictly ready to do so…

The ceremony touched on the 5 parts of humanness and we got to submerge ourselves in a full cacao experience… This was one of those events where you need to be open to the process to receive the healing energy, otherwise, you’re just sitting there mentally mocking ppl for finding joy in cacao beans

Apart from the cacao drink which we sipped while lightly meditating we also had the most amazing cacao-based vegan snacks from Aruna Foods (the function venue) …I’m still craving the lentil mole.

Veronica opened our eyes to so many things and taught us a multitude of things including how to have a little cocoa therapy at home where needed…. Here are the core messages I walked away with

  1. Be intentional in all you do. Be it working, taking a break, interacting with others be intentional, be present
  2. Follow your intuitive guidance. Don’t ignore that voice that tells you something is not for you.
  3. Human interactions are our biggest teachers. Be open to learn from others, lessons can come from the most unexpected places
  4. Listen to your body. No one knows your body like you do. Be present in your body and aware of physical and mental changes
  5. Appreciate your body for all it does for you. Even if it’s not operating at peak performance remember to honor your body

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