What’s this FitChef thing I’ve been on about?

If you follow me on social media then: A. You would have noticed me mention FitChef a lot recently B. You would rock for following me on social media.

So I thought I would share my first impressions on FitChef because people have been asking me (comments, DMs, emails) I will revert back in a week or so for my formal review, so look out for that, but for now I answer your questions.

Firstly let me say that when FitChef contacted me (a mere mortal who is not exactly on the fitness scene) to try out their products for review I jumped at the chance before they realized who they were in contact with… I had been dying to try it out as the thought of dieticians, nutritionists and chefs preparing my meals for me, held quite the appeal.

For the official what they do and what they are I suggest you check out the FitChef website but if you want to know in layman’s terms read on…as I answer the questions people have been sending me.

Okay, so how does it work

You chose what you want from them on their website. Be it “feed me the whole day everyday”, “give me snacks”, “give me these specific items” or “make my lunch”. You chose what you want and they drop it off at your house (after you pay)

Is it expensive?

It is not cheap, but when you calculate how much you get it is affordable. I did the math… okay, so they sent Rob and I the couple’s budget meal plan for 21 days at R5.978. That price made me go Whaaaat. But then I did the math; divide by two people for 21 days and five meals a day (two meals, two smoothies and a soup) and that works out to R28.50 each and that’s not bad at all, especially if you see the ingredients they cram in there. You could not pick up a meal for R29 at the shop, especially not this quality. That’s the price of a decent coffee around here so, nope not expensive.

Do you secretly hate it?

I had to include this question because it’s funny how many people have asked me this one. No I actually don’t. I’m not a fussy eater though, I have nothing against vegetables and grains and neither does Robin (he did say quinoa was just pretentious lentils though-he had it for his first time in a FitChef meal). And in the interest of honestly, I did say this morning that I could do with something fresh like a salad because all the meals are microwaved, but the meals really do taste good I can’t fault them on that.

Are you thin yet?

I had to add this question for my dear online friend, Nadia, who sent me this tongue in cheek gem and had me snort laughing. No, I’m not thin yet. Although a big selling point is weight loss, the reason Rob and I got onboard was because he just had a stomach op and quite frankly eating has been difficult. His esophagus is damaged and he can’t have big meals so we thought this was a good way to ensure what little he does eat was 100% good for him. With me, I have a bunch of health concerns and wanted to eat healthier and make sure I was doing what’s best for my body and it seems to be working.

Is it worth the trouble?

There is not a lot of trouble. You poke a few holes in a tray and stick it in the microwave, or defrost a drink and shake it up. I have been surprised at the amount of food they put in to a meal, like their tomato sauce for the Mediterranean Chicken with brown basmati rice has beetroot and apples and celery in (and it doesn’t taste as off putting as it sounds, I promise) they make sure to cram all the nutrients in there as much as possible, which is definitely worth the trouble.

So this is what FitChef is all about in my humble opinion, we are doing a 21 day challenge and I will do a full review once we finish the meal plan.

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