Two chances to win with Bostik

win with bostik

I have a super cool Bostik competition people! A competition inside a competition if you will.

You are going to have to stay with me here as I tend to ramble when I get excited!

Bostik has roped in Award-winning SA author Lauren Beukes to write a rhyming children’s book. This book is about 20 different “beasties” from a break-dancing dino to a carrot-juice-slurping vampire bunny. The book , Bostik Book of Unbelievable Beasties, could see your child becoming  a featured illustrator… Take that over achieving PTA mom who gives you the stink eye. Just kidding, it is super cool though.

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All you need to do is download the entry form from the BOSTIK WEBSITE then look at the rhymes which will sound something like this:

The Grand Sniffing Snozzle

The Grand Sniffing Snozzle has a gigantic big nose,

So big it can’t see past it, so it always stubs its toes!

It loves sniffing flowers, and the smelliest cheeses

Unfortunately perfume brings it out in wild sneezes

You’ve never seen a beast so sad when it’s sick,

With that giant nose all snotty and grotty and ick!

*Disclaimer I feel like a Grand Sniffing Snozzle right now, oh flu must you really!!!

Children are asked to read  the rhyme (or listen to it if they cant read, duh) describing the creature and then create what they think the monster looks like by pulling out their Craft Box and using crayons, paper scraps and images found on the entry form itself.

There are no rules and kids can let their imaginations go wild!  Once they have completed their masterpiece, they can scan and email it with their details to

Competition entries close on the August 20 and the draw will take place in September 2016.  The best beasties will be chosen to feature in Lauren’s book to be published and launched in October.  The featured illustrators will each receive a copy, signed by the author, to keep  and the rest of the books will be donated to Shine Centres country wide. The book will also be available as a free downloadable e-book from­.

Bostik is also featuring some of the beasties already created on their Facebook page.


— Oh and as for the competition inside the competition…how would you like to win a Bostik hamper to the value of R250? Well all you need to do is upload a picture of your child’s entry or even just a picture of your child creating to my facebook page... and I will chose a winner on Saturday, August 20. DO IT!!!

For extra entries you can enter below




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