How do you use this diffuser thing?

I decided it’s time we dust off those diffuser attachments that came with the hairdryer…

You guys know I love big hair and am passionate about people embracing their kinky coils…well I’ve decided to dedicate a segment of my blog to just that, NATURAL CURLS of all variations. There are some great recourses out there but I don’t think enough of them are local (Every time I watch a YouTube video I am stumped as to where to get the products) so I’m going to try to be a little bit of a resource by chatting to other curlies, doing product reviews and sharing tips from myself and people who actually know what they are talking about (hehehe).

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Three strand twist out and product review

You guys know I have a thing for big curly hair #boskop #naturalcurls #transitioning
I’ve chatted about why I love the big poufy natural look before HERE and HERE and I’m pretty sure HERE but I have never shared the products I use or tricks I’ve learnt in this hair journey (I say journey as I am not quite there yet) so I thought hey why not… people ask me in real life and then I’m like a deer in the headlights so why not do a post about it; I write better than I speak.

So here is my first ever hair care post 🙂 and review on the new all natural hair product range from

The all natural products I tried are the The Perfect Curl and The Perfect Cowash
These glass containers of goodness are available through

Whenever I try a new product step one is to do a wash and go.
I washed with the cowash and although I was nervous being myself with a glass container in the shower I found the bottle has a notch in it that ensures a good grip.
It’s a little confusing this wash. You get the feel of a hair mask all thick and puddinglike (is that a word? probably not) but your hair actually feels very clean after like you had a good wash…
I then combed through the curling cream and at first the results were underwhelming… but after a quick defuse I liked the poufy result. I wanted a little more definition though (I’m transitioning from chemical straighteners so I have to put in a little more work) So I tried the product again but this time as a three strand twist out . . .
First step was to wash my hair with the cowash (great stuff this, for detangling too)

I then did the twist… You take a  section of hair divide it into three and do not braid, twist twist…
See below because it’s hard to explain. I do a tightish braid at the top and twist the rest.

I did that at night so to make sure it was super dry before
  I loosened it I did a head wrap and rocked my twists

This head wrap is so over the top!!! love it 🙂

Results from the twist out  🙂

  *received product for review

Two mom’s take up challenge to lead by example…hair wise

There has been a lot of  buzz around Beyonce’s baby’s hair. At only 2 years old Blue Ivy has already stirred a lot of emotion all because her parents have decided to go the natural route with her. Okay so even I would stick a bow in her hair or puff it out but that’s my personal preference and you know what, they don’t owe me anything, so it doesn’t matter and neither does that stupid petition that someone started to get them to comb her hair – that’s more awkward than anything else. ALSO don’t we have bigger things to worry about? besides that girl can probably buy and sell me with her allowance, hehehe

Anyway all the drama around her hair made me think of my own and all the issues I had with it at school. My hair wasn’t what most people deemed beautiful so I was teased about it. Teased because I had too much hair, it was too long and it wasn’t straight enough and for years I fell into that trap. Chemically treating it and ironing it and when I went to the hairdresser the stylists would flip a coin to try and get out of doing it – not good for a young girl’s self esteem. Doing my hair was a whole day saga and now that I’m older I know why. It was a saga because I was going against my hairs natural tendencies…I’m finally learning to let my curls fly free, but if I have time I will straighten it because the point is it’s MY hair MY preference.

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Curly girl , hair-spiration

On days like today when my curls decide it’s too cold to come out, I always toy with the idea of just throwing in the towel with this whole natural, wash and wear journey…maybe I should just get it straightened or do box braids. I know my dad will be sooooo happy (straightened not braided) he is not a fan of what he calls “my big messy hair” or “THAT” depending on his mood.

These are the days I have to look at inspiration and remember “the plan” and where I’m going with this…

This is where I am with the hair journey at the moment
– Picture taken with my friend, Jemaine, this past weekend

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Going back to my roots #hairjourney

So I’m embarking on what, natural hair enthusiasts call , a hair journey

It’s been a pretty long time coming….I’m not using any more chemical straighteners, and I am giving up the whole blowdrying, straight ironing side of my life for a-surprisingly not less trouble-wash and go look….
I’ll go through the whole rigmarole of smoothing it out for special occasions (when it is not raining) but for the most part this is me now….
I got tired of sitting for a minimum of an hour to get my hair done only to let the slightest sign of humidity (dude you could just put a kettle on)  bring my hair right back to its curly self
So this is me now.. a mess of unruly curls which seems to evoke a range of emotions in the people I know…at the risk of generalising (which I am openly doing right now) the general consensus is that white people want to know if they can touch my hair,black people ask if it’s a weave and coloured people reckon I’m lazy and should “do” my hair ….
My hair isn’t 100% where I want it yet but I found this amazing blog which is helping me along the way….
Wish me luck, will keep u guys up to date 😉
*PS the best part is sharing the curly haired gene with my Lil man (I’d kill for his curl pattern though)

For my fellow curly girls

So. True.

I came across this tumblr account, Curly Hair Problems, and find it super educational and entertaining. I believe some straight haired people get annoyed at the posters on the site (well according to comments on pinterest) but I find it funny and truthful and needed because doing the naturally curly thing is quite a journey. I bet there are a bunch of funny truthful comments straight haired people could put up, but I’m a girly curl and this blog gets my vote… anywho check out the site here are some of my favourite posters:

Haha... Because it takes forever to straighten & still can't get all the curls straight. What a pain! ;)
curly hair problems
Curly Hair ProblemSO TRUE! Curly hair problem #508 I don't understand... this worked yesterday!Curly Hair ProblemsCurly hair problems. Word.

curly hair problemhahaha so true!I think this is a thick hair problem. But either way... YesTrue Story!!!!!!!!!!!!Curly Hair Problem #170