Budget decor…big boy room edition

I recently did some budget decor in Aidan’s room because he will be five this year and still had a nappy bin in his room. CRAZY! Right?  I did it all with minimal cost, because quite frankly I don’t like wasting money and also seldom have money to waste. Here are some tips when looking to update a room on a budget…please check out the video below and let me know if you would like me to do any DIY posts based on anything you see.

Before anything else let me just give a quick shout-out to some sponsors who made this room possible. The Letterlady, Kooshtoosh, Prominent paints and Popsiebelle

Budget decor tips

    • If the paint still looks good there is no reason you can’t skip repainting and just add a pop of colour with a small tub of paint and some imagination. I painted a few accessories to pull it all together and quite like it when people do a strip of colour just under the ceiling
    • Give yourself some time… I planned Aidan’s room a few months in advance and would buy things like his cute little chair on sale; I put it in storage and put it all together when I had enough items to make a notable difference. Going out to the shops to but everything in one go is going to cost you some serious coin.
    • You don’t have to burn the place down and start from scratch, some items are timeless and you can easily incorporate it into a new look.
    • Get your kids’ opinion, personally I would have skipped the Spiderman bedding because I don’t like character things much, BUT it is ultimately Aidan’s room and if I get to sleep under faux vintage or India inspired bedding he can have a superhero.
    • DIY things…a little paint and glue can go a long way to changing up a look, like the toy mirror and army man inspired treasure box, go pinteresty, they will appreciate you for it.

Please let me know which DIY you would like to see from the video and I will type up a how to for you 🙂

4 thoughts on “Budget decor…big boy room edition

  1. Laura says:

    WELL DONE! It looks so great. I love that blue frame/shelf!! We have done so much DIY and stuff around the house this holiday. It has been exhausting but rewarding.

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