Chickpea and sweet potato curry

I tried out chickpea and sweetpotato curry this past weekend after my biweekly vegetable order came with the biggest sweet potatoes I’ve ever seen in real life.

I asked on my Facebook and instagram pages and a bunch of cool ideas came up (people are out here doing the most with their sweetpotatoes) this chickpea and sweet potato curry came up tops. Thank you Simone Colborne

What you need

1 tin chickpeas
1 tin coconut milk
1tin peeled and diced tomatoes
1 onion
2tsp garlic
1tsp grated ginger
1 sweet potato
Coriander garnish

What you do

Brown onions with garlic, ginger and chilli powder
Add chickpeas, tomatoes, sweet potato and coconut milk
Let simmer for 50 minutes

— Disclaimer
Above, I’ve shared Simone’s recipe, however I made some changes based on what I have in pantry. For coconut milk I used coconut cream powder (made into a cup of cream/milk). I didn’t have tomatoes and we only had red onions…. But it was still really yum.

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