Curly Countdown with Eleanor J’adore

Today I am interviewing Eleanor J’adore , No I’m not interviewing myself (I’ve done that before though). This Eleanor is South African natural hair blogger, Eleanor Barkes.

eleanor j'adore

I first “met” her a million years ago when she was in PR and I was a reporter and she phoned and introduced herself “Hi, it’s Eleanor” and I thought she was asking me if I was Eleanor and we just kind of said “yes, Eleanor” for a few times till we clicked and burst out laughing. Because honestly how silly.

I then started following her, practically since she started her blog Eleanor J’adore in 2014 after she moved to Tokyo. Thing is I didn’t realise it was the same Eleanor until I got more involved in the natural hair “movement”.

Our blogs have been confused more than once, with people asking me about posts that were on her blog not mine and our blogs even getting weirdly matched up on a local hair resource – I don’t mind though – she’s stunning inside and out so why wouldn’t I want to be confused for her, hehehe

Eleanor J’adore is an online resource for naturally curly girls  who want to return their hair to its natural state – whether it be from over processing due to relaxers, straighteners, or the excessive use of heat – where she shares advice on how to maintain its health as well as styling guidelines.

Eleanor is also Part of Cape Town Naturally , a group which organises amazing hair meetups and conferences

But enough about me talking about my namesake, here is her curly countdown:

 Five random facts about you and your hair
  1. My hair is super dry at the back and needs lots of extra moisture. 
  2. I’ve recently been loving detangling my hair with a small detangling brush called the Tangle Teezer. It’s get through my knots and tangles like nobody’s business. 
  3. I think my curls are one of my best features about me. 
  4. It always surprises me that when I sleep with my hair out/loose it actually looks better the next day than when I’ve slept with it in a pineapple. Although most times I sleep with it in a pineapple as it keeps all my hair out of my face. 
  5. My hair is actually ridiculously fine but with enough fluffing and picking at the roots I can usually get it quite big, just the way I like it. 
Four products or activities you can’t live without
  1. Coconut oil
  2. Deep conditioner
  3. Leave-in conditioner
  4. Silk head scarf
Three Tips for other curly curls
  1. Wear your curly mane like a crown.
  2. Deep conditioning is your best friend.
  3. Invest in a satin pillowcase. Your hair will thank you day after day.
Two misconceptions about curly hair
  1. That it’s difficult to maintain
  2. That girls who choose to wear their hair curly or in its natural state are lazy. 
Your one favourite way to wear your hair
 1. My favourite way to wear my hair is in a wash and go.

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